IRS grants the Research Consortium non-profit, public charity tax status, greatly expanding its funding opportunities

With donations now being tax-deductible, the emerging Research Consortium is seeking $1.5 million for its new Precision Medicine Technology Research Initiative

This milestone is not only a pivotal moment in our journey - it's also a testament to our dedication to accelerate the adoption and widespread clinical use of emerging, lifesaving medical innovations”
— Richard Nicholas, Founder
SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, September 6, 2023/ -- The Research Consortium conducts studies that assess the usefulness and value of new medical technologies and healthcare innovations – to patients, physicians, and payers – to help accelerate their reimbursement, adoption, and widespread use. Today, it announced that it was officially granted tax-exempt public charity status under IRS Code 501(c)(3), poising the facility to expand its reach, enhance its sustainability and benefit from new opportunities, which include:

• solidifying the Research Consortium’s credibility and transparency, providing supporters and partners with more confidence that their donations are used effectively and efficiently,

• increasing the Research Consortium’s accessibility to funding by making donations tax-deductible and providing a greater incentive to support its important work,

• positioning the Research Consortium for access to a wider range of grants and opportunities from foundations, corporations, public agencies – important new funding sources that will enable it to scale its impact, broaden its research, and forge new partnerships,

• expanding the Research Consortium's collaboration opportunities with other non-profits, academic and government entities, to leverage their collective resources, expertise, and networks.

Increasing the Research Consortium’s potential to generate new revenue streams will enable it to build the type of sustainability that will help ensure the longevity of its mission and greater impact. By example, through its Precision Medicine Technology Research Initiative, it is introducing oncology teams to new AI-enabled, genomic-based tools and technologies that help them with their complex treatment decision-making. Indeed, under the auspices of the Research Consortium, a collaboration of leading cancer researchers, oncologists, scientists, economists, technology innovators and top academic labs will enable 1,000 advanced cancer patients and their oncologists to access some $15 million of free lifesaving precision oncology diagnostic testing. Owing to its public charity status, the Research Consortium has arranged to provide this vital testing for only 10% of that amount; a fraction of what is typically paid by even the largest health insurers.

With donations now being tax-deductible, the Research Consortium has begun to actively seek $1.5 million in support for its Precision Medicine Technology Research Initiative. For participation and sponsorship details, or to learn about this important research, visit our website or this webpage

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