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Non-profit Research Consortium Announces the Largest Real-World, Payer-Focused Precision Medicine Initiative of its Type

A collaboration of top cancer researchers, oncologists, scientists, economists and lab s will enable 1,000 cancer patients to get advanced diagnostic tests free

“The classic MD-focused concept of clinical utility is obsolete as it ignores the patient-centric reality of healthcare today. Our construct includes elements of value to patients, MDs and payers.”
— Richard Nicholas, Initiative Imagineer
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2023/ -- The TPA Network Research Consortium unveiled an initiative yesterday to evaluate the clinical utility of new cancer treatment technologies. Addressing the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators at its annual DC meeting, Research Consortium founder Richard Nicholas enlisted support for real-world research to accelerate the evaluation, adoption and coverage of new technologies from this organization whose members manage healthplans for half of all US workers and their families.

Adoption Challenges
Payers only cover interventions proven to be worthwhile in clinical practice, and the scientific studies that prove that a new intervention works, don’t include measures that enable payers to assess their relevance, usefulness and value in practice (i.e., clinical utility). Consequently, it takes 15+ years to gain insurer coverage and get into widespread use: explaining why only 1/3 of the 2 million Americans diagnosed with cancer this year benefit from these technologies.

Lifesaving Technology
With thousands of cancer variants, and hundreds of FDA-approved cancer drugs that create millions of possible combinations, literally billions of cancer therapy options exist, making evaluating each beyond human capability. Fortunately, much like GPS helps navigate through traffic and unfamiliar territory, new decision-support tools address this complexity by helping oncologists scientifically identify, select and personalize treatments based on a cancer’s unique genomic profile.

Top-Shelf Team
Knowing that real-world research to move clinical interventions into routine practice requires a diverse, focused team of experts, world-renown cancer researchers, oncologists, scientists, oncology pharmacists and economists from America's top universities and academic genomic labs are being enlisted to participate in this industry-wide initiative.

Research Importance
New, decision-support tools to improve health outcomes, speed time-to-care, avoid low-clinical-value drugs, minimize financial toxicity and support health equity will be studied. Advanced diagnostic tests — to genomically profile the cancer, assess patient metabolism and identify, score and rank therapies based on the cancer’s unique molecular profile — will be furnished FREE to 1,000 patients.

According to Richard Nicholas, the initiative's imagineer, “The traditional narrow, provider-focused concept of clinical utility is obsolete as it ignores the patient centric reality of healthcare today. Our construct includes vital dimensions of value that encompass a patient’s wellbeing, sense of personal control and preferences as to their healthplan options. The resulting 360 ⁰ insight is real, meaningful action able and of value to patients, physician and payers alike."

More Support Needed
This initiative will furnish $10+ million of precision oncology testing for a fraction of the amount paid by insurers, FREE, thanks to support from top academic genomic labs and tech innovators. More funding is needed, however. For research participation/sponsorship details visit this Research Consortium website or this BetterWorld (Research) site. To help sponsor a patient, see this BetterWorld (Patient) site.

The TPA Network Research Consortium is a non-profit, industry-wide healthcare research initiative to help providers assess new medical technologies and healthcare innovations, plan participants access leading-edge health care, scientists advance medical research and payers mitigate risk.

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