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Possible warning signals to be issued due to the impact on "Haikui" (Update Time: 2023-09-04 17:10)

MACAU, September 4 - Possible warning signals to be issued due to the impact on "Haikui"

Update Time: 2023-09-04 17:10

Signals Forecast Period Probability
Typhoon Signal No.1 In effect
Typhoon Signal No.3 Midnight to morning on 5th Sept Relatively low
"blue" Storm Surge Warning Low

Tropical cyclone "Haikui" located in the Taiwan Strait, will move westnorthwesterly towards Fujian or the eastern coast of Guangdong and make landfall on 5th Sept. According to the present forecast track, it will gradually weaken after moving inland.

During the middle and later period of this week, there will be more showers with thunderstorms in Macao affecting by its remnants.

As there are still uncertainties whether “Haikui” may take a more southerly track, SMG will closely monitor its development. The public is advised to pay attention to the latest weather information.

Remarks: The probabilities of issuing severe weather warning signals for the next one or two days are provided in the table. Public can learn the possibility of being affected by the tropical cyclone over the specific period of time in Macao so that necessary precautions can be well prepared earlier. Please keep notice of our latest information.