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New Source Technology announces the release of new 1000 Volt IGBT Driver Board

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IGBT Driver boards are used in high voltage discharge circuits to produce short pulses of energy.  they are combined with capacitor chargers and simmer power supplies in the circuit.

1000 Volt IGBT Driver Board

New design expands the range of voltage and current capabilities along with improved fault protection.

PLEASANTON , CALIFORNIA, USA, August 9, 2023/ -- Laser and electro-optic products manufacturer and supplier New Source Technology today announced the release of the new 1000 Volt IGBT Driver Board. IGBT Driver Boards are used to produce a wide range of high current pulses in high voltage discharge applications. Typical applications include lasers, Intense Pulsed Light medical devices, UV sterilization and material curing.

The new 1000 Volt IGBT Driver Board expands the range of current and voltage capabilities and offers the widest range of pulse widths available. The new topology allows for a maximum of 800 amps, pulse width from 50µsec. to 1ms., with a typical rise time of less than 10µsec.

“The 1000 Volt IGBT Driver Board combined with any of our LCH series capacitor charging power supplies and simmer power supplies gives the electrical engineer a scalable pulsed discharge solution. New Source Technology continues to expand our product offerings striving to be a complete source for all our customer’s critical laser and electro-optic components.” Said Greg Pon, President, and Founder.

New Source Technology specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of critical laser and electro-optic components with a special emphasis on laser pump chambers, YAG & CTH laser rods, flashlamps, optics, capacitor charging power supplies and associated pulsed high voltage accessories. New Source Technology has been serving the laser market for over 27 years and has developed a strong global presence in the industry. Link:

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