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Tntra Partners with a Leading Spare Parts Manufacturer to Build a Next-gen ERP System

Spare Parts Manufacturer ERP System

ERP System

Tntra - Software Product Engineering Company


The solution will streamline critical business processes through a centralized system and connect all departments for better decision-making.

Working with Tntra was a breeze. The team delivered on the promised time and managed to go beyond our expectations. The best thing? Their communication and transparency at every stage of the process.”
— Partner, Spare Parts Manufacturer
VADODARA, GUJARAT, INDIA, August 8, 2023/ -- Continuing on its journey of innovative product development, Tntra has now built a top-level ERP for a globally leading spare parts manufacturer. Tntra provided its engineering services to help the client improve its operational efficiency and online customer experience. By building nine different modules in the ERP system, Tntra helped the client to increase harmony between departments. This led to a 3x reduction in the time to manage business functions across all departments, including sales, purchase, warehouse management, inventory management, and more.

The current system of clients was outdated, making it difficult to streamline processes across different departments. This cost the company revenue and made the processes time-consuming. Along with that, the system lacked an internal mode of communication. And without any third-party integrations, the manufacturer was limited to the in-built functionalities of the older system. To help the client with an improved ERP system, Tntra utilized Odoo to upgrade the company to a new and enhanced ERP system.

Tntra's groundbreaking digital transformation for our clients revolutionized their operations. By digitizing analog records and automating processes, productivity soared while errors diminished. We successfully established seamless communication and accurate data storage to help the company reduce internal miscommunication and enhance credibility. Furthermore, they achieved optimized processes and inventory forecasting by leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning.

The ODOO-based enhanced ERP platform delivered a top-notch customer experience, catering to the self-service preferences of the consumers via an easily accessible platform. Moreover, an integrated inventory system bolstered the supply chain and networking capabilities across their alliance of companies.

The new ERP system is an all-encompassing solution for business growth. One of the biggest advantages was the ability to integrate third-party applications - something that augmented the success of the logistics and warehouse processes for the spare parts manufacturer. The cherry on the cake was the revamped UI that offers a seamless user experience.

“Working with Tntra was a breeze. The team delivered on the promised time and managed to go beyond our expectations. The best thing? Their communication and transparency at every stage of the process. We knew what was going on during each phase. Never for a second did the engineers leave our side. Their skill level and expertise show in what they have done for us. We were able to bring centralization to all our business processes and achieve efficiency like never before,” said a partner of the company.

On partnering with the client, Team Tntra says, “Transitioning from a legacy system to a present-day solution is always a challenge. From facing difficulties with the project flow to the implementation of the new UI, our engineers were doing a lot of heavy lifting. Fortunately, we are always ready to challenge our limits and go beyond what we already know. That’s what led us to implement the new system with ease.”

Tntra continues to partner with the client for their ongoing improvements and will deliver augmentations in the system.

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