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Adaptive Intelligence Intellectual Property SOLD to Turnkey Capital by Aedan Looking Glass Inc.

ALG Intelligence & Scientific Research Company a US Government Contractor

Jason Ellis, Chief Executive Officer of ALG

Eric Fitzgerald, Chief Scientist of ALG

Turnkey Capital Enters Into New Agreement to Acquire 100% of the Adaptive Intelligence Technology Assets of Aedan Looking Glass Inc.

Turnkey Capital (OTCMKTS:Tkci)

MURIETA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 4, 2023/ -- Today, Turnkey Capital (TKCI) announced the Company has signed an asset purchase agreement with Aedan Looking Glass Inc., whereby TKCI will acquire 100% of the Adaptive Intelligence technology assets of ALG Intelligence at the initial closing of the transaction. With this acquisition, Turnkey Capital intends to change its name as appropriate to TYR Intelligence and upon initial closing, TKCI will also make changes to the Company’s Board of Directors and Officers led by Jason Ellis, its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Eric Fitzgerald - Chief Scientist, Gary Griffes - CFO and President, Sharon Wrice - Deputy CFO & Secretary, Dawnte Bailey, - COO & CSO Compliance, Kurt Huwig -Board Member, Andreas Zill- Board Member, Conor Faley – Shareholder Executive Liaison, and Russell Ward – Investor Relations will assume leadership of Turnkey Capital.

Overview of TYR Intelligence
TYR Intelligence is focused on the development and deployment of their cutting-edge Adaptive Intelligence powered security solutions and educational technologies. With a mission to provide Adaptive Intelligence in all areas of life, TYR Intelligence is dedicated to safeguarding America's national security and protecting consumers worldwide.

Under the leadership of CEO Jason Ellis, TYR Intelligence is looking to revolutionize the security landscape with its Adaptive Intelligence-powered Aedan Security platform. The Company’s Artificial Intelligence Security Platform leverages behavioral science, pattern detection, and neural network technologies to create tailored solutions for each user, ensuring unparalleled security experiences across various devices and applications.

TYR’s first product is the Aedan Security application, a unique Adaptive Intelligent powered security solution designed to protect data, defend privacy, optimize performance of the user’s devices. The application is fully developed and was initially launched on Android Mobile Devices. TYR Intelligence has recently focused on upgrading the application with a more refined User Interface and enhanced features, with plans to relaunch this new version on both Android and iOS Devices in the coming months. With an Aedan Security Adaptive Intelligence Subscription, users will gain access to the full suite of Aedan platform’s capabilities.

Highlights of the Aedan Security Application
Malicious Monitoring: This engine monitors the behavior of applications which may be compromised by code injections and/or port service vulnerabilities which anti-virus scanners may ignore. The virus or potential threat becomes suspended, removed, and blocked from future local service activities.

Aedan Firewall: An advanced rule system implementing a modified Virtual Private Network protocol of the local device to manage port traffic internally without effecting external network configurations. The firewall policies are preconfigured to prevent network intrusion. Suspicious network activities are managed by the artificial intelligence engine, which implements a sophisticated form of pattern detection to identify potential risks in real-time.

Memory Optimization: When background services and applications which aren’t currently used by the user are consuming system resources, Aedan Security temporarily suspends and clears the unnecessary service activities which populate the Random Access Memory, thus freeing up more resources for what matters.

Residual Junk: Aedan Security may clear out miscellaneous junk files which occupy local storage and serve no purpose. The user may initiate an on-demand cleanup or allow the Adaptive Intelligence engine to automate this function periodically when the device appears to be under-performing.

Expanding TYR Intelligence Offerings
After the rollout of the Aedan Security application, TYR Intelligence plans to leverage the Aedan Adaptive Intelligence platform to offer solutions for Drone Defense and the Education sector.

A key component of TYR Intelligence's offerings roadmap is Drone Defense, with advanced drone-based defense systems called Huginn and Muninn, empowered by the Operative Defense Intelligence Network (O.D.I.N.). These autonomous systems provide crucial threat identification, surveillance, signals intelligence, and situational awareness in civilian, military, and law enforcement operations, enhancing overall security measures.

Additionally, TYR Intelligence plans to introduce a transformative approach to education through Mimir and Valhalla, advanced teaching tools interfaced by EEG and powered by Adaptive Intelligence. These innovative platforms enable the curriculum to adapt to students, creating personalized learning experiences that empower teachers and provide students with a comprehensive edge in the classroom.

"We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking Adaptive Intelligence solutions to the global market," said Jason Ellis, CEO of TYR Intelligence. "With our cutting-edge technologies and commitment to delivering the most superior security and education tools, we are revolutionizing the landscape of intelligence solutions, empowering users and organizations alike."

About TYR Intelligence:
TYR Intelligence has created an Advanced Adaptive Intelligence platform, dedicated to developing and deploying security solutions and cutting-edge technologies to safeguard America's national security and protect consumers worldwide. The company's Adaptive Intelligence solutions are designed to adapt to various devices and applications, providing tailor-made security experiences for each user.

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