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SpinifexIT announces significant upgrades to Strato document generation software

SAP SuccessFactors customers to benefit from enhanced user experience, security, and performance in Strato 1.21

We are confident that these new features and architecture changes will enhance our customers’ experience with Strato and SuccessFactors, enabling them to achieve their HR goals more efficiently.”
— Gregory Tutt, Product Chief Technology Officer for Strato
VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, July 27, 2023/ -- SpinifexIT, the leading global developer and supplier of HXM and payroll solutions to organizations including Fortune 500 companies, is today announcing a raft of significant updates to Strato, its innovative employee document delivery solution for SAP SuccessFactors. Strato empowers smart HR and Payroll document generation and automated communications directly from SAP SuccessFactors, enabling SAP customers to optimize their SAP investment.

The release of Strato 1.21 introduces a host of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience, improve security and boost overall platform performance. Strato customers, partners, and resellers will benefit from significant performance, technical, and security upgrades across multiple components, including Strato Documents, Strato Forms, Strato Platform, Strato Storage, and Strato Automate. This upgrade showcases SpinifexIT’s commitment to continually maintaining compliance with industry standards including prioritizing security, as well as continually improving the user experience.

Key highlights of the latest updates include:

• Enhanced security and document management with Strato Storage

Strato Storage now offers advanced safeguards to prevent accidental deletion of crucial files and increases transparency for compliance purposes. By implementing the ‘four-eyes’ principle, the system mandates approval from two different administrators to authorize document deletion. This ensures that only documents requiring removal are deleted, while key files are retained and organized. Additionally, the new Deletion Report in Trash provides comprehensive details such as the date of deletion, the user responsible, and the file retention period, which states how much longer a file can be stored before it is permanently deleted. This allows better tracking of the document lifecycle.

Because Strato Storage now includes streamlined document category assignments and an optimized document upload process, customers will find it much faster to organize documents and will also be able to more easily drag and drop files as required.

Strato 1.21 also enables smarter document delivery. The new release provides users with better visibility of information and options for each document, including the number of files for every folder; improved and responsive document previews, and faster ways to find files through smarter and personalized sorting options.

• Intuitive data collection with Strato Forms

Strato 1.21 introduces a time-saving feature that accelerates form-filling for company employees. Staff members now only need to input information directly applicable to them, as the system automatically populates relevant details from already available data, thereby streamlining the data collection process.

• Introduction of the Data Privacy Statement feature

Strato places the highest importance on user security and compliance. With Strato 1.21, an organization can now display its data privacy statements as pop-ups whenever its employees and users log into Strato for the first time. This feature can be further customized to align with the specific data privacy requirements of any company.

Other improvements in Strato 1.21

This latest version of Strato also includes a number of other enhancements, including:-

• Improved document localization for countries that require different number formats in Strato Documents. HR administrators can now format numbers in accordance with local conventions, ensuring compliance and consistent number formatting.

• The new "current user" feature allows the creation of enhanced filters in the employee/candidate selection for the logged-in user, providing them with a personalized and streamlined approach to managing employee or candidate data. Improved document attribution also allows users to include the name and other information of the user generating a document.

• Improvements in the Strato Automate workflow editor streamline and standardize the creation of workflow steps including adding document storage as a routing parameter.

Gregory Tutt, SpinifexIT’s Product Chief Technology Officer for Strato, commented: “We're excited to announce the release of Strato 1.21, a significant update which underscores our commitment to making SAP SuccessFactors document delivery smarter. With this upgrade, an organization’s employees will enjoy a more personalized experience during onboarding, HR profile updates, and more. The enhancements in Strato 1.21 ensure a seamless and secure platform and improved performance so HR teams can really maximize the solution’s capabilities. We are confident that these new features and architecture changes will enhance our customers’ experience with Strato and SuccessFactors, enabling them to achieve their HR goals more efficiently.”

Boosting the overall Strato experience

SpinifexIT’s latest release of the Strato platform introduces several key technical enhancements to amplify user experience, performance, and security. This has been facilitated by migration to Aurora v2, a cutting-edge database system that offers superior performance, scalability, and reliability. SpinifexIT has also transitioned from Java 8 to Java 17, improving performance and strengthening security features. The company has also made improvements to the Strato architecture including enhanced encryption, improved access controls, and proactive vulnerability mitigation.

Strato 1.21 went live this July and is available moving forward.

To take advantage of the new features, which are free to implement, and upgrade to the latest version, customers should submit a request to the SpinifexIT Customer Care team. Customers can also learn more, schedule a demo, or upgrade to the latest SpinifexIT Easy Suite solutions by contacting

View the full release notes here.

Learn more about Strato and discover a more efficient way of creating, routing, signing, and storing your HXM Documents! Get in touch with SpinifexIT.

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About Strato
SpinifexIT’s Strato is the only completely integrated Employee Document Delivery Platform for SAP SuccessFactors. Strato offers a more efficient way of creating, routing, signing, and storing HXM Documents by automating document generation and workflows to improve the employee experience.

SpinifexIT recently announced that it has successfully completed the rigorous Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review for Strato, its innovative document delivery platform for SAP SuccessFactors. Now recognized as an AWS Qualified Software, this achievement marks a significant milestone for Strato, as It validates SpinifexIT’s unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards and to following best practices in software development, architecture, and security. With this certification, Strato underlines its position as a secure, trusted, and reliable solution for companies of all sizes who require an employee document delivery platform for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Recruitment modules.

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