John M. Collins issues official statement on allegations of malpractice by Dr. Henry Lee

John M. Collins is an authoritative leadership and expertise coach, and an advocate for forensic and investigative integrity in our criminal justice system.

Collins' advises forensic experts and journalists that Henry Lee is not representative of today's forensic laboratory practices

Henry Lee is an outlier and doesn't represent how the vast majority of qualified forensic experts do their work today”
— John M. Collins

SOUTHFIELD, MI, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2023/ -- John M. Colins has released an official video statement on a recent federal court ruling that accused famed forensic expert, Dr. Henry Lee, of malpractice during the investigation of a 1985 murder in Connecticut.

The judge in the case alleged that Lee presented false evidence during the original trial, which resulted in two men being convicted of the crime, one of them serving over 30 years in prison.

Collins, a professional leadership and expertise coach who works extensively with forensic scientists and forensic laboratory administrators in the United States and overseas, said his motivation for recording and publishing his comments was to get ahead of the speculations about modern-day forensic scientists that may arise as the story develops.

"Henry Lee is an outlier and doesn't represent how the vast majority of qualified forensic experts do their work today," Collins explained. "He has a flamboyant personality and that brought him fame, but he often operated as a one-man show and his work was likely not subjected to the kinds of rigorous quality assurance checks that today's forensic labs employ on a routine basis."

Collins 2nd book, Crime Lab Report, dealt specifically with overturned convictions and the controversies related to the use of scientific evidence in courts of law.

According to Collins, reports claiming the innocence of the men convicted of the murder in question are premature.

"That malpractice or misconduct would occur in a criminal investigation is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with, but it is not irrefutable proof of innocence," Collins warns. "To the best of my knowledge, no other perpetrator has been implicated in the murder."

United States District Court - District of Connecticut
Ralth Birch and Shawn Henning, Plaintiffs, v.
Town of New Milford et al, Defendants
No. 3:20-cv-1790 (VAB)
[rel. No. 3:20-cv-1792 (VAB)]

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July 22, 2023 - Dr. Henry Lee Ruling