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SalesScreen Launches SalesScreen Essentials, Debuting with Outreach As Its First Integration Partner

SalesScreen Essentials, a foundational gamification solution, is now launching with its first integration partner, Outreach

This integration unlocks a new realm of possibility for sales teams wanting to boost productivity. They can track sequence touches to final sales, with motivation baked in at every level.”
— SalesScreen CPO, Marius Ekerholt
NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 24, 2023/ -- SalesScreen has released SalesScreen Essentials, a foundational gamification solution which is now launching with its first integration partner, Outreach. This new native product integration makes it easier than ever to boost key sales metrics by visualizing and analyzing all your sales data in one streamlined ecosystem. Teams leveraging Outreach’s AI-powered Sales Execution Platform can now gain access in their new marketplace.

SalesScreen Essentials
SalesScreen has always been a comprehensive sales solution but with SalesScreen Essentials, sales teams can benefit from the foundational elements of gamification needed to get started. SalesScreen Essentials has all of the elements needed to motivate sellers and SDRs/BDRs to goal, including real-time dashboards, a pre-built set of competitions, achievements, and an interactive social feed.

Outreach + SalesScreen
The real-time integration with Outreach makes it easy to motivate your team and generate effective sales strategies. With sequences and tracking by Outreach and gamification and data visualization from SalesScreen, sales teams can now boost pipeline production faster and more efficiently.

“Our integration with Outreach has really unlocked a new realm of possibility for sales teams wanting to boost productivity,” SalesScreen’s CPO Marius Ekerholt stated. “This integration allows our clients to track everything from initial sequence touches to final sales, with motivation baked in at every level, it’s a game-changer for sales teams.”

Phillip Friedman, Head of Technology Partner and Ecosystem at Outreach, stated, “Outreach’s AI-powered Sales Execution Platform is designed to help our customers create and close more pipeline. With this new integration, SalesScreen and Outreach connect seamlessly, providing sales reps with new insights, enabling them to be more productive and to deliver better sales results.”

Outreach Marketplace
SalesScreen Essentials is available via the newly released Outreach Marketplace and is a great way for Outreach teams to trial the leading sales gamification product on the market. Get started with SalesScreen Essentials for free, no credit card required, for one month and see how gamification can boost productivity and get sales teams to goal faster.

About SalesScreen
SalesScreen is the leading sales gamification solution for building motivated teams which achieve their goals. By tapping into the individual psychological drivers that motivate sales reps, SalesScreen boosts performance across your team. Our gamification works by engaging each user with up-to-the-minute performance data, dozens of competitions, personal milestone celebrations, a rewards shop, and streamlined sales coaching. Since its creation in Norway in 2014, SalesScreen has motivated tens of thousands of sales reps globally and is consistently rated highly by customers for ease of use, satisfaction, and industry-leading customer service. To learn more, please visit

About Outreach
Outreach is the leading AI-powered sales execution platform that unlocks seller productivity to help sales teams efficiently create and close more pipeline. From prospecting to deal management to forecasting, our platform leverages automation and artificial intelligence to help revenue leaders increase efficiency and effectiveness of all go-to-market activities and personnel across the revenue cycle. Outreach is the only company to offer sales engagement, revenue intelligence, and revenue operations functionalities in a unified platform. More than 6,000 companies, including Zoom, Siemens, Okta, DocuSign, and McKesson depend on Outreach to power their revenue organizations. Outreach is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington, with offices worldwide. To learn more, please visit

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