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Creating a Sustainable Future of Food: Alex Roa’s Pangea Inc. Teams Up with Heartland Inc. to Launch

Pioneering the Protein Party to Challenge the Industry's Reliance on Unsustainable Proteins

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2023/ -- In a groundbreaking partnership set to transform the food industry, Pangea Inc., led by forward-thinking entrepreneur Alex Roa, has joined forces with Heartland Inc., a renowned sustainable manufacturer, to launch This new venture aims to redefine the future of food by making nutrient-dense and sustainable consumer products widely accessible and affordable.

Roa, together with Heartland Inc.'s co-founders Tim Almond and Jesse Henry, are set to make a nexus of food innovation that will pave the way for a series of consumer products and brands. As part of this partnership, Pangea's The Culture Club, Inc. will help establish strategic relationships with influencers and young people around the globe, facilitating the advocacy of sustainability through the joy of consuming thoughtfully-designed products.

Heartland Inc.'s role within this partnership will be pivotal in maintaining the operational sustainability and accessibility of The company will ensure that product incubation, processing, and manufacturing align with the initiative's ambitious sustainability and accessibility goals.

The first milestone of will be the launch of the Protein Party in August 2023, a bold initiative set to challenge the food industry's heavy reliance on unsustainable animal proteins and suboptimal plant-based proteins. Starting with a single-protein powder solution, the Protein Party will quickly expand to include a diverse catalog of snacks, beverages, and potentially pre-made meal options.

"We envision a future where sustainability is a key ingredient in every household staple," said Alex Roa, co-founder of "Starting with the Protein Party, we are advancing the sustainability revolution in the food industry – one that not only offers nutritional benefits but also promotes responsible consumption."

The alliance of Pangea Inc. and Heartland Inc. is a promising step towards a future of food that is mindful of both nutrition and our planet. Through, they aim to influence the market by turning sustainability from a niche concept into a norm for the food industry.

About is a food incubator co-created by Pangea Inc. and Heartland Inc. It is committed to developing the future of food by making nutrient-rich and sustainable consumer products widely accessible and affordable. serves as a platform for launching a series of groundbreaking consumer brands. Co-Founders include Alex Roa, Tim Almond, and Jesse Henry.

About Pangea Inc.

Founded by Alex Roa, Pangea Inc. is a holding entity that is committed to solving tomorrow's problems. Through it’s network of subsidiaries, Pangea Inc. seeks to unify people one solution at a time. The common mantra among all the Pangean companies, from The Culture Club, to Blitz, is to advance accessibility and global participation in solving the pressing issues of our time.

About Heartland Inc.

Heartland Inc. is a sustainable manufacturer that is revolutionizing the way products are made. Co-founded by Tim Almond and Jesse Henry, Heartland Inc. is devoted to implementing sustainability as a core ingredient in every aspect of production, creating a blueprint for the industry's future.

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