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Human Powered Health Performance Lab Adds AI-Enabled, Adaptive Capabilities Application

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Leading Health and Human Performance Assessment Platform Now Includes Dynamic Training Plans, Coaching and Communities

It's critical to understand an individual’s unique physiology to ensure they are training efficiently and effectively, and integrate that kind of data into one adaptive training plan.”
— Dan Cohen
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, July 19, 2023/ -- Human Powered Health, a comprehensive athletic performance lab, recently acquired Humango, an AI-enhanced platform, to empower athletes at all levels with dynamic, AI-enabled training plans, coaching, and supportive communities.

Human Powered Health continues to add technology-enabled capabilities to create the leading health and human performance assessment platform that helps athletes achieve their human performance potential. This new AI-enhanced technology provides individual goals and personalized recommendations unique to each athlete’s physiology.

“Combining Humango and Human Powered Health enables us to provide a holistic profile to every athlete that seamlessly integrates one’s data into a dynamic coaching and training plan, personalized to the individual’s goals and adaptive to their life,” said Eric Abecassis, Humango CEO.

“As a former professional athlete and coach, I know how critical it is to understand an individual’s unique physiology to ensure that they are training as efficiently and effectively as possible,” says Dan Cohen, Human Powered Health Chief Performance Officer. “To integrate that kind of data effectively into one adaptive training plan is a game-changer.”

Human Powered Health is the first of its kind all-encompassing experience that uses advanced sports science tools and analytics to measure an individual’s unique physiology and provide prioritized recommendations to help individuals achieve their personal performance goals, with a comprehensive approach across motion, mindset, nutrition and recovery.

Whether a person is training for the Olympics, for their high school sports season, or for their personal health goal, events arise that impact how and when an athlete can train. With the addition of Humango’s capabilities, Human Powered Health athletes have access to the leading adaptive training plan and AI-enabled coach that adjusts to each athlete, rather than an athlete having to adjust to a preformatted plan or a coach’s schedule. This leading capability will be available to all Human Powered Health athletes later this year.

About Human Powered Health
Human Powered Health is the first all-encompassing experience for assessing and improving health and human performance across motion, mindset, nutrition and recovery. Knowing that every athlete is unique, Human Powered Health provides an experience that meets athletes where they are, with a personalized approach, recommendations, and connections to our curated Performance Network. And we do it in a convenient way – consolidating world-class talent, tools, and retail into one location. Learn more:; LinkedIn; Instagram.

About Humango
Humango is revolutionizing training with its AI-powered solutions. Our innovative technology has been leveraged by athletes of all levels to optimize training and recovery. Humango is committed to helping athletes reach their full potential and achieve peak performance, with a focus on human-centric design and cutting-edge AI algorithms. Our state-of-the-art AI analyses activity and health data holistically and continuously adapt in order to optimize an athlete’s long-term potential.

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Human Powered Health
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