Metro Detroit Leadership Coach and Forensic Expert Featured in DocuSeries on Overturned Convictions

John M. Collins is a Metro Detroit leadership coach and forensic expert

John M. Collins, a Metro Detroit leadership coach and forensic expert is interviewed for Innocence After Guilt, a new six-part docuseries on erroneous convictions.

John M. Collins, former director of Michigan's forensic labs, helps explains how scientific evidence is used to set innocent prisoners free

Nobody wants to be associated with a miscarriage of justice. There's no getting over that.”
— John M. Collins

SOUTHFIELD, MI, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2023/ -- John M. Collins, a nationally recognized leadership coach and forensic expert based in Southfield, Michigan is featured in a new YouTube docuseries titled, Innocence After Guilt, which explores the use of DNA evidence in the overturning of erroneous convictions.

The series is published by the International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI), which convenes the largest gathering of forensic DNA experts in the world.

"The series is being rolled out in waves," Collins explains. "The trailer and the first two episodes are out, and we expect four more to be released through the fall of this year. It's quite informative and I think criminal justice professionals around the country will benefit from it."

Collins retired his award-winning forensic science career in 2012 when he left his position as the Director of the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division to begin working in private practice. He shares many of his experiences in forensic science, including the reasons for his departure from the Michigan State Police, in his new book, The New Superior - A Better Way to Be the One in Charge.

Collins now works as an executive leadership coach specializing in working with clients in authoritative, high-expertise occupations. His office is based in Southfield, Michigan. He is the author of four books, two of which are comprehensive text books on forensic science laboratories.

Through the eyes of professionals having intimate knowledge and experience related to the overturning of erroneous convictions, Innocence After Guilt explains the complexities of how criminal convictions, once thought to be iron-clad, go from being questioned to completely reversed by the courts, resulting in the release of prisoners, some who've been incarcerated for decades.

According to Collins, he made a conscious effort to remind viewers that the best way to minimize the frequency of erroneous convictions is by reducing the frequency of crime.

As he explains in the series trailer, criminal justice has become a high-volume operation, with millions of crimes committed and so many cases being adjudicated in criminal courts each year. "If you had a 99.9% success rate [in achieving the correct result in criminal trials], that would still leave you with an alarming number of erroneous convictions."

The name of Collins' practice is Critical Victories. Over half his clients come from forensic science laboratories and police agencies. He hopes Innocence After Guilt will help investigators and criminal justice leaders better understand why our courts sometimes get things wrong.

"Nobody wants to be associated with a miscarriage of justice. There's no getting over that."

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