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Bad Elf Launches Flex® Mini High-Accuracy Bluetooth GNSS Receiver

flex mini front view

Flex Mini front view

Flex Mini using monopod

Flex Mini using monopod

Flex Mini monopod usage

Flex Mini monopod usage

Flex Mini provides geospatial professionals with an unmatched blend of location accuracy, reliability, deployability, usability, design, and value.

Professionals understand the value of high-quality mapping-grade receivers and Flex Mini realizes the ideal GNSS solution for them.”
— Larry Fox

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2023/ -- Bad Elf, LLC, a leading designer of high performance GNSS receivers, proudly introduces the Bad Elf Flex® Mini. The new product builds on a decade of success offering GPS receivers that enhance iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms. Flex Mini provides geospatial professionals with a unique blend of location accuracy, reliability, deployability, usability, design, and value.

Bad Elf introduced the first iOS compatible GPS accessory more than a decade ago, establishing a reputation for cutting-edge GPS solutions for aviation, marine, and military communities. Bad Elf now presents the new, compact, and lightweight Flex Mini with improved accuracy, versatility and convenience in field data collection. Flex Mini extends Bad Elf's Flex product line, making it the industry's most complete location companion lineup for the geospatial and survey communities.

Key capabilities of Flex Mini include the following.

* Flex Mini empowers customers to select a level of accuracy that satisfies their mapping needs.

- Flex Mini Extreme achieves 1 meter autonomous with SBAS and subfoot (25 cm) measurements by enabling RTK support.
- Flex Mini Standard provides reliable 1.5 to 2 meter standalone accuracy in SBAS regions.

* Flex Mini continues a tradition of field upgradeability to ensure continuous product improvement. Flex Mini Extreme upgrades can be purchased pre-configured or at a later time through an easy, over-the-air update.

* Flex Mini embraces the latest in GNSS technology to provide highly accurate location information with support from multiple satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou). This delivers global coverage and more reliable performance in challenging environments (e.g., urban canyons and tree canopy).

* Flex Mini employs Bluetooth to connect to smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing users to enhance their existing technology with more accurate, real-time positioning. Cable-free connection ensures a no-hassle setup and a clutter-free field experience. As an MFI licensee, Bad Elf products are certified to be compatible with Apple iOS platforms.

* The high-capacity, internal, rechargeable battery delivers all-day operation, allowing field workers to collect data without nagging power concerns.

* Flex Mini's rugged IPX7 construction ensures durability and protection against water, dust, and impact, making it perfect for a wide range of mapping and asset collection applications in commonly harsh conditions.

* Flex Mini includes a tailored, powerful, companion app for iOS and Android. This intuitive app enables Flex Mini owners to easily unlock and manage advanced features (like RTK subscriptions), customize settings, upgrade firmware, and access other tools for mapping, tracking, and data logging.

"We are thrilled to introduce Flex Mini, a game-changing Bluetooth GNSS receiver that raises the bar for location accuracy and performance in field data collection," said Larry Fox, VP Marketing and Business Development, Bad Elf. "Flex Mini combines cutting-edge technology, convenience, and durability, allowing users to navigate and collect data with confidence. Professionals understand the value of high-quality mapping-grade receivers and Flex Mini realizes the ideal GNSS solution for them."

"Since the launch of our original plug-in GPS receiver for the iPhone in 2010 to an enthusiastic general aviation community, the team has sought to repeat that magical moment of product-market fit. As the GIS and survey community embraced Bad Elf, the engineering team invested heavily in listening and learning about GIS customer uses. The management team heard a clear need for new products to better suit those needs. In early 2020, Bad Elf declared a commitment to GIS and survey professionals by introducing the centimeter accurate Bad Elf Flex. Flex Mini represents our biggest step yet to democratize high accuracy by offering the best price-performance mix in the industry." said John Cunningham, CEO and Co-Founder.

Bad Elf will accept Flex Mini pre-orders on the Bad Elf website beginning July 11, 2023 at Anyone interested in bulk orders should visit

About Bad Elf, LLC

Bad Elf's line of GNSS receivers empowers GIS and survey professionals to collect high-accuracy field data using any phone, tablet, or laptop. Our products work with any location-based app on iOS, Android, or Windows. All Bad Elf Bluetooth receivers have an integrated LCD screen with an intuitive user interface to provide status information and perform standalone data collection when needed.

Bad Elf's products and services evolve within an iterative framework of learning from our customers. Bad Elf applies diverse and deep technical skills to deliver exceptional offerings that solve real-world challenges. Within this mindset, the whole team challenges themselves to create sufficiently advanced technology to benefit the consumer as Engineering Magic®. While our solutions manifest as technology built for today, they allow us to respond nimbly to continuous change and explore opportunities in partnership with our customers.

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