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CMVTC ESA (Extended Stop Arm) Stop Means Stop’s Revolutionary ESA For Canadian School Buses

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CMVTC - Canadian Mobile Video Technologies of Canada

CMVTC - Canadian Mobile Video Technologies of Canada

CMVTC ESA Stop Means Stop’s Revolutionary Proactive ESA (Extended Stop Arm) For Canadian School Buses

Illegal drive-bys of a stopped school bus are a major problem here in BC. The Extended Stop Arm we’ve installed is already going a long way in stopping violations before they happen...”
— Randy Gould of Third Wave Bus Services
SANFORD, MB, CANADA, July 10, 2023/ -- CMVTC is a Canadian company that creates innovative, Canadian solutions to increase Student Safety on School Buses.

Since its inception 18 years ago, CMVTC has been focused on improving student safety in Canada through creative technologies. In every province across the country, drive-by violations of stopped school buses loading and unloading students are a significant public safety issue that puts at risk some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

CMVTC's first program using CrossSafe-developed video technologies was completed in Ontario in 2009 and piloted & proven in 2015, confirming the school bus driver fears of the high number of illegal and dangerous drive-bys of a stopped school bus. The CrossSafe Violator Funded Media Driven Awareness Through Enforcement Program proves effective.

Since then, many school divisions across Canada have enjoyed the benefits of these lifesaving technologies. Despite their incredible success at curving violations and increasing student safety through enforcement, driver behavior in Canada has become statistically more dangerous, and drive-by violations continue to be a major national problem. Fortunately, there is a solution through CMVTC ESA Stop Means Stop’s revolutionary ESA (Extended Stop Arm).

The Extended Stop Arm is a proactive solution meant to bring traffic to a full stop, preventing drive-by violations of a school bus loading or unloading students before they happen, by providing a visual deterrent that can extend from 1.4M (4.5’) up to 2M (6.5’) onto the road, and the driver’s eyeline. Its objective is to effectively stop violations from occurring in the first place, and not just enforce penalties on violations once they happen.

The ESA (Extended Stop Arm) provides an additional flashing stop sign used in conjunction with the existing flashing stop sign, creating a very conspicuous barrier that has been proven to work with incredible efficacy. It has a success rate of at least an 89% reduction rate in drive-by violations across its more than 2800 installations, both in Canada and the United States.

“Illegal drive-bys of a stopped school bus are a major problem here in BC. The Extended Stop Arm we’ve installed is already going a long way in stopping violations before they happen, and it’s keeping the kids getting on or off the bus safe from passing motorists,” said Randy Gould of Third Wave Bus Services in Richmond, BC.

Transport Canada has also taken notice of the incredible benefits of the ESA (Extended Stop Arm), including it in its literature for updated legislation as outlined in the Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 27: Regulations Amending the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulation. It states the following:

“Extended stop signal arms serve as a visual stop signal to motorists approaching a school bus from both the front and rear of the bus. The extended stop signal arm may also serve as a physical barrier to prevent vehicles from passing the school bus and act to further deter motorists from passing school buses while children are entering or leaving the school bus”

The ESA (Extended Stop Arm) is a proven, lifesaving, proactive solution, available in Canada exclusively through CMVTC, ESA Stop Means Stop.

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