STARRS Supports and Recommends New Book by Robert A. Green, Jr.

'Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines, A Story of Hope for Those Who Love Liberty' is Available July 4

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2023/ -- 'Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines, A Story of Hope for Those Who Love Liberty' is a “must-read book detailing the military COVID-19 vaccine mandate and the story of a silenced minority who put their constitutional oaths before all else,” said STARRS President, Dr. Ronald J. Scott, (USAF-Col., Ret.)

As an actively serving Navy Commander, Robert A. Green Jr. removed the veil of military secrecy and complexity to shed light on the related unlawfulness and the official cover-up being committed by certain DoD leaders.

“His deep dive into the current crisis details the harms perpetrated against service members and their families and the destruction of military readiness that resulted,” according to Green’s bio from the book. By law, the vaccine's use by military members was completely optional for all hands. This fact was largely hidden from the members themselves, so most just submitted and got the shots. Green lays bare the entire history meticulously, with references substantiating every assertion.

Standing upon his First Amendment rights, the first-time author analyzes the current crisis in light of the challenges faced by our Founding Fathers. His message to the American people is clear: “The crisis our military is facing will only be solved by following in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers and returning to an adherence to the Constitution that our forebears sacrificed everything to leave us,” Green writes in his book.

“Green has become one of the Navy's most vocal figures in the fight against the unlawful implementation of the military COVID-19 vaccine mandate,” said Scott. “Banned from his building and fired from his position leading a 650-person unit, he is the author of numerous impactful internal Navy complaints, multiple whistleblower reports to Congress, and a key source of evidence for ongoing Federal Court cases related to the military vaccine mandate. Again, STARRS respectfully supports his tireless efforts to unmask the crisis in our military.”

Early in the pandemic, the Secretary of Defense decided to inject the entire US military with an essentially untested, experimental, never-before-used, vaccine technology into the healthiest population of human beings on the planet, the members of the United States military. Green documents that the military age group, with its high levels of health and fitness were at extremely low risk from COVID.

“This book is a must-read warning to the nation about our roots in the Constitution and founding principles and the ease with which those roots are ignored,” said Scott. “Service members who take up the cloth of their country do not lose fundamental rights. Yet we now have military leaders who chose to violate and trample upon the rights of citizens who have chosen to serve in the military. The author calls for a return to the fidelity, faithfulness to law, and upholding of the freedoms promised in our founding to all citizens even those serving in the military.”

Green’s previous Navy tours included duty as an operations research analyst, a missile defense officer, and a tester of future weapon systems in development. He completed postgraduate education programs at multiple academic institutions and has leveraged that education to help initiate data analytics efforts at several major commands. Green sees his obligation to support and defend the Constitution as second only to his obligation to Faith and family.

Green is eager to share his experiences widely and is available for an interview. He can be reached at or 443-370-3590.

Book available here. Click.

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