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The Sisters of the Valley Push Their Product Line Vegan

A wide shot of the kitchen where the Sisters are working.

Making CBD and mushroom coffee products.

Sister Camilla is sorting and organizing the newly labeled bottles.

One sister is labeling and the other is organizing the batch for movement to shipping.

A view of the abbey kitchen.

Sister Camilla in the kitchen sorting medicine.

Announcing the conversion to all vegan consumable products is complete.

MERCED, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2023/ -- The Sisters of the Valley, based in Merced, California, is a group of nuns unaffiliated with any religion, a group that has been farming and producing CBD products since 2015. Today the Sisters announced the completion of their transition to all vegan gelcaps, reminding the public that now all their consumable products are vegan.

“We couldn’t really claim that all our oral products are vegan until we got the gelcaps converted. Our oils and tinctures have always been vegan, but there was a gelatin used for the casing of the gelcaps previously that wasn’t, and we are so happy to announce the completion of that transition,” said Sister Halla.

The Sisters of the Valley have expanded their pain-relief and health maintenance line over the eight years they have been serving the public. “The gelcaps have become very important to a certain suffering or recovering segment of our customer base,” said Sister Kate. The Sisters offer gelcaps for pain (CBD standard), gelcaps for health maintenance (CBD Plus gelcaps) and gelcaps for sleep (CBN).

All of the gelcaps have CBD, but the ‘plus’ line has more raw compounds known to promote recovery, good health, and resiliency. The CBN has more of the cannabinol, that occurs naturally in aged, dried cannabis and is known to initiate drowsiness and promote good sleep.

The Sisters’ new vegan casings for the outer wrapping of the capsules are made of purified water, cassava root extract and vegetable glycerin. Inside the gelcap is pure cannabis oil extracted from the plant using heated liquid coconut oil.

The sisters make all their products by the cycles of the moon and have every batch tested for potency and purity tests taken annually or more frequently, if suppliers change. The lab tests on their website correspond to the moon cycle label on the product.

The Sisters try to keep it simple, so their tinctures are simply the hemp plant soaked and strained from food-grade alcohol. The oil drops are simply liquid coconut oil that had hemp cooked at low temperatures into the oil, and a dash of blood orange oil added for flavor. The mushroom coffee has all the major mood-stabilizing mushrooms, lion’s mane, turkey tail, chaga, shitake, red reishi and cordyceps. Important roots that contribute to mood-stabilization are also included: ashwagandha, turmeric and ginger root. All these products, the Sisters happily announce, are vegan.

Sister Kass reported, “Our topical salve is the only product we have that doesn’t qualify as ‘vegan’ because of the beeswax we use to make it solid. It’s not a consumable product, so that’s why we have to clarify and say all our consumable products are vegan. Our salve wouldn’t be our salve without the help from the bees and it is our best-selling product.”

The Sisters of the Valley have been serving the public for over eight years. They are not affiliated with organized religion, but rather consider themselves new-age nuns, following the ancient customs of the first nurses in the castles of Europe, the Beguines. Prior to the Inquisition, the Beguines also remained independent of organized religion.

The Sisters ship their products worldwide, with the exception of these restricted countries: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates.

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