Former NASA Interns Create an Affordable Property Management App for Small Landlords

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Moonrock PM

Moonrock Property Management Mobile App

Moonrock PM Mobile App

Moonrock co-founders, DeShon Swafford and Monroe Willis merged into the unique entrepreneurship program, I-Corps, where they started MoonRock PM.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2023/ -- The current state of unbalanced and unorganized cost of living is causing distress among people. This issue is becoming increasingly global, with many individuals opting for cost-saving living standards due to the surge in inflation. Property management and landlord groups are constantly on the lookout for clever ways to reduce expenses on utilities, construction maintenance, and other bills. However, keeping fees and residential confidence in check, particularly in certain financial situations, continues to be challenging. Landlords and property managers are crucial in establishing and maintaining a company's brand identity as they specialize in certifying necessities, government legislation, lender guidelines, insurance requirements, and environmental concerns.

Despite the availability of advanced services, economic potential, and technological advancements, there is always room for improvement and varied perspectives. Social media and related apps offer additional assistance to these enterprises. Fortunately, existing platforms enable personnel, and Moonrock PM is an innovative and growing app that aims to foster a mutually beneficial landlord-tenant relationship through its platform.

Moonrock PM takes its name from the founders' passion for space. Both co-founders, DeShon Swafford and Monroe Willis, interned with NASA and attended grad school at L.S.U. They then merged into the unique entrepreneurship program, I-Corps, where they started MoonRock PM. In 2020, they relocated to Florida to work in their respective careers. They are currently in the beta-test phase, allowing clients to join the system to manage information on their properties using the app.

S.P.A.C.E., which stands for Simplified Portal for Advancing the Collaborative Exchange between Landlords and Tenants, is Moonrock PM's acronym. This tech business continues to design platforms for landlords and tenants, giving them the space and flexibility to manage their properties straightforwardly. The app provides rent payments, messaging, work order submittals, unlimited input properties, and push notifications.
Monrock PM comes with evolving features such as:

1. Notification of Rent payments
2. Messaging
3. Work order submittals
4. Unlimited properties
5. Background checks
6. Renter insurance
7. Late fees
8. Eviction notice
9. Push notifications

The Moonrock PM application fosters efficient communication between landlords and their tenants. It enables landlords to stay connected with their residents regardless of location, home, work, or move. This app, coupled with other cost-free landlord tools, is an asset for managing rental properties successfully. It guarantees the safety of your private data while offering unrestricted access to tenant details and essential updates. Thanks to the Moonrock PM app, managing your properties and maintaining a robust relationship with your tenants is a breeze. Most importantly, this user-friendly app ensures that your experience is satisfactory.

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