Cloud CRM Market Disrupted by DejaOffice Affordable PC-Based CRM in 2023

DejaOffice PC CRM gives you speed and control for an afforable one-time price.

DejaOffice PC CRM gives you speed and control for an afforable one-time price.

DejaOffice PC CRM is the perfect alternative to expensive and risky cloud based customer managers

DejaOffice PC CRM is the perfect alternative to expensive and risky cloud based customer managers

Features of DejaOffice PC based CRM

DejaOffice PC CRM Features

Hundreds of Businesses Avoid Monthly Fees, Have Increased Security, and Access Their Data Faster Because their Customer Database Is Stored On-Premise.

PORTLAND, OR, USA, June 13, 2023/ -- DejaOffice continues to disrupt the CRM marketplace by providing an On-Premise PC-based CRM with a one-time price. In an era where monthly payments are required for cloud-based contact managers, DejaOffice gives a refreshing alternative that has comprehensive features and a user-friendly interface,
DejaOffice PC CRM empowers organizations to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive long-term growth. DejaOffice differs from its competitors because it offers a one-time purchase price and is securely stored on your PC. No risky cloud storage is required.

"DejaOffice PC CRM represents a new era in customer relationship management," said Mary Lyons, marketing team member of DejaOffice. "We believe businesses deserve a comprehensive CRM solution that offers flexibility, efficiency, and superior performance. With DejaOffice PC CRM, we aim to empower organizations to build stronger customer connections, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth."

While Saas CRM products have taken over the market in recent years, it is clear that no one likes to tie their business solely to a 3rd party, insecure cloud-based system. The potential for security breaches and data leaks on such systems is high. Storing sensitive customer information on remotely maintained servers introduces a vulnerability that could be exploited by overseas contractors hired by the Saas vendor. Reliance on the internet for accessing and managing data means businesses are at the mercy of network connectivity, which may be unreliable or prone to disruptions. Additionally, cloud storage typically involves ongoing subscription fees, which add up over time and are continually being raised by companies that are not responsive to customer inquiries.

DejaOffice PC CRM offers three versions. Standalone ($69.99), Express ($149.99), and Professional ($299.99 for 3 User License). All versions support direct sync with Outlook, Google, and iCloud. In addition, all versions may sync to the DejaOffice CRM Mobile App through USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DejaCloud. DejaOffice PC CRM Pro gives a 3-user license at the cost of $70 per user one-time price.

DejaOffice PC CRM offers a holistic approach to managing customer relationships, combining robust functionality with a seamless user experience. The software provides a central hub for storing and accessing vital customer information, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights, foster stronger connections, and make informed decisions, all while having control over the data stored on your PC. Key features of DejaOffice PC CRM include:
1. Contact Management: Effortlessly organize and categorize customer information, including contact details, interactions, notes, and follow-up activities. With advanced search and filter options, finding specific contacts or groups becomes quick and easy.
2. Calendar and Task Management: Stay on top of appointments, tasks, and deadlines with the intuitive calendar and task management features. Set reminders, assign tasks to team members, and track progress, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
3. Email Integration: Seamlessly integrate email communication within the CRM platform. Sync emails, attach correspondence to specific contacts, and manage conversations effortlessly, eliminating the need for toggling between multiple applications.
4. Sales and Opportunity Tracking: Track sales opportunities and monitor their progress at every stage of the sales pipeline. Generate reports, analyze conversion rates, and optimize sales strategies to drive revenue growth.
5. Customization and Flexibility: Tailor DejaOffice PC CRM to suit specific business needs with customizable fields, layouts, and workflows. Adapt the software to match unique industry requirements, ensuring a personalized CRM experience.
6. Mobile Sync: Achieve true cross-platform synchronization with DejaOffice PC CRM's mobile companion app. Seamlessly access and update customer information on the go, ensuring data consistency and productivity, regardless of location.

DejaOffice PC CRM is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring widespread accessibility for businesses across different platforms. The software is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular email clients and productivity tools, offering a unified solution that enhances workflow efficiency. DejaOffice also offers a 14-day free trial, allowing businesses to experience the software's capabilities firsthand.

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