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Genser Energy Commits to Planting One Million Trees by 2028

Genser Energy Community Relations Team

Michael Smith, Community Relations Superintendent, Genser Energy

Planting the first set of seedlings on Ghana Green Day 2023.

One of the leading energy companies in Ghana launches environmental conservation program: “Genser Goes Green: Powering the Future with Trees”

By planting these trees, we are committed to preserving the region's cherished status as the 'Garden City' and making a lasting impact on the environment.”
— Issah Mohammed
KUMASI, GHANA, June 9, 2023/ -- Genser Energy today announced a major tree-planting initiative in alignment with the National Green Ghana Day. This ambitious endeavor aims to enhance environmental conservation, promote biodiversity, and contribute to the country's overall sustainability goals.

Under the initiative named "Genser Goes Green: Powering the Future with Trees," Genser Energy plans to plant an impressive 70,000 trees in June and July along its 110 km Pipeline Right of Way (ROW) in the Ashanti Region. Over the next five years Genser Energy has committed to plant one million trees.

Working hand-in-hand with the sustainability and community relations team, Genser Energy has formed strategic partnerships with local stakeholders to ensure community participation and garnered support for this important cause. Community engagement is a vital aspect of Genser Energy's approach to environmental sustainability, ensuring that the initiative reflects the collective efforts of all participants involved.

Recognizing the significance of government collaboration, Genser Energy acknowledges the critical role played by key partners such as the Energy Commission, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Forestry Commission. These partnerships enable Genser to operate in compliance with regulations, and benefit from the expertise of these esteemed agencies.

Issah Mohammed of Genser Energy expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, "We are not just passing through Ashanti; we are here to stay. By planting these trees, we are committed to preserving the region's cherished status as the 'Garden City' and making a lasting impact on the environment. Together with our partners and the local communities, we are taking proactive steps towards building a greener and more sustainable future for Ghana."

In addition to this tree-planting initiative, Genser Energy continues to implement a comprehensive range of sustainability measures. These include increasing investments in renewable energy sources, promoting energy efficiency through the adoption of advanced technologies, and actively engaging with local communities to address their needs and concerns.

Genser Energy's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their operational sites. The company has established a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that focuses on socioeconomic concerns in project-affected communities. Programs such as One Community One Borehole (1C1B), STEM implementation, vocational skills training, and support for community initiatives further demonstrate Genser's dedication to fostering holistic and inclusive development.

About Genser Energy:

Genser Energy is an energy solutions provider. The company builds, owns and operates distributed generation installations and natural gas distribution infrastructure, selling power and natural gas to mines, industries and utilities. Over the past fifteen years, Genser has commissioned seven power plants with current installed capacity of almost 200MW. In addition, Genser has developed its own fuel midstream facilities for its thermal plants and is the largest and only private owner of natural gas pipelines in Ghana with a network of 430km of 12-20” natural gas pipelines and a Liquified Petroleum Gas port terminal at Takoradi. Genser’s operations reflect a firm commitment to increase access to reliable, sustainable and cost-effective electricity and natural gas in Africa with a long-term ambition to deliver energy solutions exclusively from low carbon resources.

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