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Integral BioSystems Spinoff Symphony Therapeutics Pitch at RESI Boston June 5, 2023

Symphony will focus on developing specific products utilizing Integral’s OcuSurf™ LNP and NanoM™ Wafer platforms.

Symphony Therapeutics is poised to transform ophthalmic drug delivery utilizing Integral BioSystems’ fully patented OcuSurf LNP® and NanoM Wafer® platforms”
— Dr. Shikha Barman
BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, June 2, 2023/ -- Integral BioSystems, a Bedford Massachusetts-based drug delivery contract research organization specializing in drug product development of topicals for ophthalmic, otic, dermal, intranasal, and all injectable routes has spun off a new company, Symphony Therapeutics, LLC ( Symphony will focus on developing specific products utilizing Integral’s OcuSurf™ LNP and NanoM™ Wafer platforms.

Symphony Therapeutics CEO Dr. Shikha Barman will pitch the company’s first product SYM-001, which is based on the company’s OcuSurf LNP platform. SYM-001 is a glaucoma therapeutic, aimed at improving the bioavailability of Brinzolamide, a highly specific carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and neuroprotectant. Brinzolamide is commercially available as a drug product approved as Azopt, with a bioavailability of 0.1% in the eye. Due to its low bioavailability, Brinzolamide has not been able to achieve its full potential as a neuroprotectant and a possible first-line therapeutic for treatment of glaucoma. Brinzolamide-in-OcuSurf LNP is able to access the scleral transport pathway into deeper tissues of the eye, enhancing drug exposure to requisite target tissues (ciliary bodies, optic nerve head).

A substantial number of ophthalmic drug products for disorders of the ocular surface are hydrophobic, or sparingly soluble in water, and formulated as suspensions. This results in less than 5% of each eye-drop actually being absorbed by the target tissue. Such formulations typically contain a high concentration of drug to achieve a therapeutic effect. OcuSurf™ nanostructured emulsions are formulated into mucosa-penetrating, tissue absorbed nanoparticles.

Symphony Therapeutics is developing an ophthalmic development pipeline utilizing this technology patented by Integral BioSystems, inviting the exploration of licensing-based collaborations for other potential applications in ophthalmic, dermal or other routes that can benefit from this technology.

Symphony’s parent company, Integral BioSystems, owns all IP rights to OcuSurf and NanoM platform technologies, with the intention of licensing specific, focused products to Symphony to develop. With multiple billion-dollar drug products going off-patent, this presents a cost-effective way to develop an extended product life cycle with novel IP.

Symphony Therapeutics is seeking investment on SYM-001, its first product in its pipeline focused on Brinzolamide. RESI Pitch will take place on June 5, 2023; Symphony Therapeutics has been assigned to Session 4 on Monday, June 5, 1:00 - 2:00pm, which will feature Therapeutics companies. RESI will take place on June 5-7, 2023 at Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA.

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