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IRMIX Radio's Indie Countdown Show Gets a Makeover, Becomes IRMIX Radio Top 20 Billboard Countdown June 1, 2023

Janelle Monae Captures the top spot with Float

IRMIX Radio's Top 20 Billboard Countdown 1 - 10

IRMIX Radio's Top 20 Billboard Countdown 11 - 20

These indie artists put in the work to make sure that their fans are listening and requesting their songs to be played.”
— Martone
DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ -- In a stunning move, the renowned IRMIX Radio Top 20 Indie Countdown show has undergone a dramatic transformation, now emerging as the sensational IRMIX Radio Top 20 Billboard Countdown. The name change comes as a result of the overwhelming flood of requests pouring in for airplay from both indie and mainstream artists. This shift reflects the dedication and hard work put in by these independent musicians to ensure that their fans are not only listening but also demanding their songs to be played.

Martone, the Program Director at IRMIX Radio, expressed his thoughts on this groundbreaking evolution, saying, "These indie artists put in the work to make sure that their fans are listening and requesting their songs to be played." The decision to rebrand the show serves as a testament to the immense talent and passion displayed by these artists, whose music resonates with audiences far and wide.

But that's not all that's stirring up excitement at IRMIX Radio. The radio station's website has taken a bold step forward by introducing news stories that directly impact the daily lives of their listeners. From in-depth coverage on pressing matters like the debt ceiling and potential 2024 candidates to thought-provoking articles about influential entertainers, IRMIX Radio is committed to striking a perfect balance between entertainment and current events.

Martone shared his vision for this new approach, saying, "I feel that it is important to strike a balance between entertainment and current events. It is necessary for our readers to know what is going on in the world, and it is my intention to deliver the news that is accurate and that IRMIX Radio is a trustworthy news source." With this commitment to accurate reporting, IRMIX Radio aims to provide its audience with reliable information that they can rely on.

In a move aimed at establishing their presence on a national level, IRMIX Radio has begun reporting playlists to music tracking agencies for the purpose of national charting. Specializing in RnB, Hip-Hop, and Dance music, the station is actively accepting song submissions for airplay. However, there is a caveat—any song submitted must be less than 90 days old to be eligible for charting.

To be considered for the coveted IRMIX Radio Top 20 Countdown, aspiring artists must adhere to this requirement and ensure that they follow the submission instructions meticulously. These instructions include providing detailed information such as the artist's name, track name, album name (if applicable), release date, artist social media handles for tagging, and a biography.

In addition to their dedication to showcasing emerging talent, IRMIX Radio is also offering promotion opportunities for independent artists. Aspiring musicians can visit the radio station's website to explore these exciting prospects and take their careers to new heights.

Without further ado, let's dive into the scintillating IRMIX Radio Top 20 Billboard Countdown for the week ending June 3, 2023:

1. Janelle Monae – Float (Coco and Breezy Remix)
2. Intelligent Diva – I Know You Like Me
3. Omarion – Girls
4. Reckless Rhymacide – We Came to Party
5. Playboii Red – Swim Eat
6. NLE Choppa – Slut Me Out
7. Trisha Covington – I Need You
8. Paper Chasin Savage featuring Kiara – Ride For Me
9. Dreamer Isioma – Gimme A Chance
10. Juan NW – Move Your Body
11. Aliah Sheffield – Boo Boo the Fool
12. EO – Banana
13. Nippa – Maddest
14. Maulo – Steady
15. Ice Spice featuring Nicki Minaj – Princess Diana (DaveDex Hard House Remix)
16. Yung Felix – I Need You
17. Beyonce Featuring TS Madison – Cozy
18. Miguel – Sure Thing (Brook D'Leau Remix)
19. SZA – Kill Bill
20. The Weeknd Featuring Ariana Grande – Die For You

And now, let's take a peek at the bubbling under section of the IRMIX Radio Top 20 Billboard Countdown, where rising stars are making their presence felt:

Jai Denise – Are You the One?

IRMIX Radio's transformation into the Top 20 Billboard Countdown has set the stage for an electrifying blend of indie and mainstream music. With their commitment to delivering accurate news and supporting independent artists, IRMIX Radio continues to be a go-to destination for music lovers and news enthusiasts alike. Don't miss out on the latest chart-toppers and captivating stories—tune in and stay connected with IRMIX Radio!

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