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Travel Gig Celebrates Multiple Milestones

Travel Gig - Multiple Milestones

Travel Gig - Multiple Milestones

The revolutionary program receives accolades for its disruptive positive impact on the market.

We’re just getting started. Buckle up because the training wheels are coming off!”
— Camaron Corr, President
MISSOULA, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ -- Travel Gig, LLC announced the successful completion of a year long pre-launch of the company’s referral program which leverages exclusive promotional rights to HappiTravel®, the world’s premier wholesale travel platform. In just one year Travel Gig® has grown by over 10,000 new affiliates that have referred over 17,000 HappiTravel® customers.

Fueling the company’s growth, the industry has been buzzing from a series of landmark achievements delivering innovative program features unique to Travel Gig® including:

• Revolutionary Rewards Plan – the “One Team, One Dream” model allows affiliates to earn a share of the revenue from every customer throughout the entire company and has sent ripples throughout the Direct Sales industry. It provides residual monthly income potential without “pay-to-play” or monthly fees of any kind.

• Customer Factory® – allows affiliates to acquire HappiTravel® customers as well as Travel Gig® affiliates directly from the company. Leveraging high impact digital marketing, viral social media advertising, professional direct mail materials, and re-targeting ad campaigns it offers affiliates a solid long term solution to grow their business and income.

• HappiCode™ Technology – affiliates can dynamically control their very own QR Code in real time for promoting their business through the widely acclaimed Travel Gig® mobile application. The innovation has led to an explosion of “wearables” as affiliates flaunt the unfair advantage through their own personal style.

• Viral Photo Editor – empowers affiliates with the ability to instantly transform photos taken while enjoying wholesale vacations and adding HappiTravel® and/or Travel Gig® branding which serve as powerful social proof when posting images online. The Travel Bug is back, and is all the buzz on social media.

Travel Gig® is a next generation mobile application designed with busy people in mind. It allows affiliates to easily share HappiTravel® with others and offers lucrative compensation for doing so. It directly integrates with the mobile device contact list, social media accounts, and provides a fun, “gameified” experience. It offers a simple and easy way to approach friends who like to travel, like saving money, want to travel but can't afford to, or are looking for extra income.

“We’re just getting started,” remarked President, Camaron Corr. “We haven’t even backed the car out of the garage. Entire companies have come and gone, or completely changed their products and focus, all within Travel Gig’s pre-launch period! We are on track with our overall roll-out and vision and couldn’t be prouder of the culture that has developed. Buckle up because the training wheels are coming off!”

Notably, there is no cost to enroll as a HappiTravel® customer. The platform provides direct access to book travel at wholesale rates, no strings attached, no upgrade required, no limitations, no blackout dates, no cap on savings, no catches, and no gotcha’s. The company’s customer centric approach recognizes that consumers are smart and deserve respect. Given the influx of MLM programs and travel scams in the market, the transparency of the HappiTravel® platform is designed to build trust incrementally so customers can see the value for themselves. The optional VIP upgrade provides access to even lower HappiPrice® rates where the typical savings far exceeds the upgrade cost, designed as a “no-brainer” step customers can take when they are comfortable with no pressure.

In contrast to the myriad of “pay-to-play” travel programs in the market, enrollment in Travel Gig® is also free and does not require affiliates to purchase anything. Affiliates can upgrade their account to dramatically increase their income potential from the Customer Pools which result from the value of the HappiTravel® platform itself, all with no monthly fees.

“We’re changing the market,” added CTO, Mike Darling. “People are tired of the same old tricks and gimmicks used by so many Direct Sales companies for so long to get people to sign up and pay some sort of monthly fee, all for the hope of someday making enough money to break even. People yearn for real value, for products regular people will line up to buy without an income opportunity attached. Travel Gig offers people a true opportunity. Real customers getting real value, that’s what builds a stable long term business.”

About HappiTravel®

HappiTravel® is the world’s premier wholesale travel platform, providing mainstream consumer access to book travel at rates previously unavailable to the public. Third party HappiScience™ studies show that travel elevates your happiness, relieves stress & anxiety, can improve heart health, provides enhanced creativity & inspiration, and strengthens your social connections and relationships. It’s experiences, not possessions, that warm your heart and stick with you the longest. We just think you shouldn’t have to pay retail for happiness! Free to join, without any catches or gotcha’s. Be Happy. Travel.® For more information, visit

About Travel Gig®

At Travel Gig® we're passionate about helping people afford amazing vacations and helping you to earn an income doing it! Our innovative technology and revolutionary rewards plan give you a true unfair advantage. There are many travel companies, but only one Travel Gig®. Part time, full time, some of the time, all of the time... there's nothing like a great gig. For more information, visit

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