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Prosper Model Factory Expands Propensity Models to Solve Scalability in Fragmented Retail Media Network Landscape

Prosper Insights & Analytics

With nearly 200 pre-built retail and consumer models, the Prosper Model Factory helps brands better target customers and scale digital campaigns

Retail Media Networks are walled gardens, giving brands limited access to consumer data ...When you buy an ad from a single retailer, you don’t learn anything about customer behavior or intent...”
— Gary Drenik, CEO of Prosper Insights & Analytics
WORTHINGTON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2023/ -- Prosper Insights & Analytics’ Prosper Model Factory is solving the issue of the growing fragmentation of Retail Media Networks (RMNs) by allowing brands and retailers to easily scale digital advertising and marketing with unique zero-party consumer data. This is built on one of the largest and longest running consumer surveys of its kind. Brands can append these consumer insights to their own 1P data to better identify the most likely customers for digital campaigns as well as accurately target competitor customers to grow market share. Importantly, this gives a complete picture of the market, allowing brands and retailers to target in-store as well as online customers. Nearly 200 retailer & customer models are now available from a single location, the Prosper Model Factory on AWS Marketplace.

Retail Media Networks represent one of the fastest growing segments of advertising, estimated by eMarketer to grow by 25.8% in 2023 to reach $51.36 billion. However, as more retailers launch their ad networks, greater fragmentation across channels has become a persistent issue for brands looking to scale advertising. In a November 2022 survey, 28% of marketing executives surveyed said that data transparency and sharing was a major challenge in working with RMNs. Meanwhile, 19% said RMNs were difficult to manage, and a further 13% said that there was no consistency across channels.

“Retail Media Networks are walled gardens, giving brands limited access to consumer data,” said Gary Drenik, CEO of Prosper Insights & Analytics. “When you buy an ad from a single retailer, you don’t learn anything about customer behavior or intent, and you certainly aren’t able to scale that across the dozens of Retail Media Networks that have emerged. In this privacy-compliant era, alternative zero-party data is the way forward for retail and CPG brands looking to take control of their marketing. The Prosper Model Factory provides a one stop source for detailed shopper data across various channels. Brands can access this data for DTC and enhanced targeting initiatives, integrating this shopper data with their own customer data to gain control of their digital advertising spend.”

The Model Factory is a part of the larger Prosper Wisdom Suite, offering brands an alternative to the walled data of each retailer’s network by providing accurate high quality retailer customer models developed from Prosper Insights & Analytics zero-party consumer data. Brands can now control how they activate retail audiences and even enhance their own data using a virtual clean room at the Prosper Model Factory solution on AWS. To eliminate the black box syndrome, all models have Lift over Random metrics for transparency that can be viewed prior to activation.

Nearly 200 retailer & customer models are now available from a single location, the Prosper Model Factory, which is validated as AWS Qualified Software. Brands can access retailer shopper models for targeting and personalization of their products from all the leading retail channels including Aldi’s, Amazon, Kroger, Macy’s, Target and Walmart, Kroger, and others:

Aldi Grocery Shopper
Amazon Grocery Shopper
Kroger Grocery Shopper
Macy's Clothing Shopper
Target Clothing Shopper
Target Electronics Shopper
Walmart Grocery Shopper
Walmart Clothing Shopper
Walmart Electronics Shopper
BJ's Member
Costco Member
Sam's Club Member
Walmart Plus Member

In addition, the Prosper Model Factory has over 20 propensity models on luxury brands for DTC initiatives. All models are factual in nature and privacy compliant. For an interactive catalog of models available go to:

The underpinning for all the models is Prosper’s award winning monthly survey on consumers. The survey is the largest scientific survey on consumers with a 20-year history of accurately measuring consumer behaviors, motivations, personal interests and future purchase plans. The survey provides accurate, representative samples that are consistently weighed and balanced. This is factual data which gives a complete picture of customer behavior across a massive set of in-store and online retailers from a single source of truth rather than compiling inferences across disparate data sources as is common with other 3P data. The survey has been the resource for the NRF, since 2003, to trend and track consumer spending for all retail holidays throughout the year. No PII is captured in the surveys.

“Retail Media Networks are one answer to the question of what follows 3P cookies in this privacy compliant era, but they don’t give brands the data to make informed targeting decisions,” said Phil Rist, EVP – Strategic Initiatives for Prosper Insights & Analytics. “Meanwhile, data accuracy issues plague the buying of 3rd party data. The result is that brands now rely too heavily on historical transaction data in a vacuum, which isn't an accurate predictor of future demand or customer intent. Predictive persona-based zero-party data via long-running, consistently updated, and scientific consumer surveys such as those conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics is the true path forward.”

About Prosper Insights & Analytics:
Prosper Insights & Analytics provides Market Intelligence/data analytics. Since 2002, Prosper has created the largest scientific monthly survey of consumer behaviors, motivations and intentions representative of the US population. Over 20 years of data are available in a master aggregated dataset to mine, train and create targeting & predictive models.

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