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Prosper Insights & Analytics Announces “Prosper Wisdom Suite,” An Insights-on-Demand Platform Built from Zero-Party Data

Prosper Insights & Analytics

Thousands of accurate signals and ~200 predictive propensity models built from Prosper’s unique data in an easy, self-service platform for lean organizations.

While enterprises need their analytics investments to yield returns quickly and efficiently, past customer behavior has not been useful in predicting future demand in this strange economy.”
— Gary Drenik, CEO of Prosper Insights & Analytics
WORTHINGTON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2023 / -- Building upon their 2022 announcement of Expanded Retailer Customer Propensity Models on AWS Marketplace for Digital Targeting,
Prosper Insights & Analytics is announcing the “Prosper Wisdom Suite,” an insights-on-demand platform which allows enterprises to easily provide predictive analytics to their executives as well as enrich their 1st party data with insights & look-a-like propensities from Prosper’s monthly survey in a secure, privacy-complaint environment.

With an uncertain economic forecast – where 39% of Americans expect more layoffs in the next 6 months and 65% have little to no confidence in the economy, according to the February Prosper Insights & Analytics Consumer Survey – enterprises and organizations need accurate and predictive data & analytics to make intelligent decisions, especially while staying lean.

The Prosper Wisdom SuiteTM is a comprehensive analytics solution that gives enterprises nearly 200 pre-built retail and consumer models that are both accurate and predictive, access to insights on demand drawing from Prosper’s monthly survey, and a privacy-compliant environment for data collaboration between organizations within cleans rooms as recently announced by AWS, Snowflake, and others. The result is a wealth of easy-to-access insight without the need to invest heavily in-house analytics capabilities. The Prosper Wisdom Suite can deliver timely forward-looking consumer insights & signals to all teams within an enterprise; from executives in the boardroom, to business users, to financial forecasters, to research analysts and to data scientists and machine learning AI.

"As the economy turns and markets reward profitability over growth, enterprises need their analytics investments to yield returns quickly and efficiently,” said Gary Drenik, CEO of Prosper Insights & Analytics. “Meanwhile, as we’ve seen with forecasting over the last year, past customer behavior has not been useful in predicting future demand in this strange economy. Prosper’s Wisdom Suite is the perfect solution for enterprises because it can be deployed instantaneously, is both accurate and predictive, and can enrich enterprise 1st party data for relatively little as compared to other analytics investments. It’s lean, yet impactful analytics on demand…from the boardroom to the engine room.”

The underpinning for all the models is Prosper’s award winning monthly survey on consumers, the largest scientific survey on consumers with a 20-year history of accurately measuring consumer behaviors, motivations, personal interests and future purchase plans. The survey has been the resource for the NRF, since 2003, to trend and track consumer spending for all retail holidays throughout the year. No PII is captured in the surveys and includes Prosper’s unique consumer purchase plans for better forecasting.

“Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge, experience, and understanding in making sound judgments and decisions,” said Phil Rist, EVP – Strategic Initiatives for Prosper Insights & Analytics. "The Prosper Wisdom Suite is powerful not just because it mines insights from one of the most predictive consumer surveys available today, but because of how composable and collaborative the suite makes this data. With the Wisdom Suite, enterprises can enrich their own 1st party data with our models, while collaborating and sharing data with other brands inside of the AWS environment. It brings an unmatched level of granularity of insight to bear on virtually any question an enterprise might have; it’s true wisdom.”

As part of the Prosper Wisdom Suite, nearly 200 retailer & customer models are now available from a single location, the Prosper Model Factory on AWS Marketplace. Brands can access retailer shopper models for targeting and personalization of their products from all the leading retail channels including Aldi’s, Amazon, Kroger, Macy’s, Target and Walmart, Kroger, and others:

Aldi Grocery Shopper
Amazon Grocery Shopper
Kroger Grocery Shopper
Macy's Clothing Shopper
Target Clothing Shopper
Target Electronics Shopper
Walmart Grocery Shopper
Walmart Clothing Shopper
Walmart Electronics Shopper
BJ's Member
Costco Member
Sam's Club Member
Walmart Plus Member

In addition, the Prosper Model Factory has over 20 propensity models on luxury brands for DTC initiatives. All models are factual in nature and privacy compliant.

For an interactive catalog of models available, visit

About Prosper Insights & Analytics:
Prosper Insights & Analytics provides Market Intelligence/data analytics. Since 2002, Prosper has created the largest scientific monthly survey of consumer behaviors, motivations and intentions representative of the US population. Over 20 years of zero-party data are available in a master aggregated dataset to mine, train and create accurate targeting & predictive models.

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