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Green Bin® Expands Licensing Opportunities for Eco-Friendly Moving Solutions

by working together for the well-being of people, businesses, and the environment, Green Bin® aims to create a positive impact on local communities.”
— Jeff Quincey, Owner

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2023/ -- Green Bin®, the leading provider of eco-friendly moving solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its licensing opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to create income and contribute to a greener future. With a proven track record of serving over 800 satisfied clients in the Phoenix Arizona market, Green Bin® is now ready to bring its innovative services to a wider audience.

The primary audience for Green Bin® is consumers who are moving between residences and value the convenience of doorstep delivery and post-move pick-up services. However, the company sees significant growth potential in targeting corporate accounts. With its low comparative cost and eco-friendliness, Green Bin® presents a compelling value proposition that resonates with this audience.

In a statement, Advanced Licensing CEO, John Bellave says: “We’ve seen a steady increase in entrepreneurs looking for a business that they can call their own, set their own schedule and provide for their families. We consider ourselves a lifestyle company by providing a portfolio of companies that can fit just about any budget and skill set.” Bellave went on to say, “we see Green Bin® as a great opportunity for the business minded individual to help their community and it checks all the boxes as a strong business opportunity with a cause to help the environment.”

One of the key strengths of Green Bin® lies in its seamless customer experience. Customers can easily interact with the brand and place orders through the user-friendly website, enhancing the convenience factor. The pricing and terms are transparent, making the order process a hassle-free transaction.

To facilitate its expansion, Green Bin® will offer Owner Operator Area Licenses based on the population of a specific area, which could be a city, metropolis, county, or zip codes. Entrepreneurs who acquire an Area License will have the opportunity to serve their local community and generate income while promoting sustainable moving practices.

Owner, Jeff Quincey stated, “at the core of Green Bin's® mission are its values: integrity, service, and community. The company is committed to doing the right thing in the best interest of customers, employees, families, and the environment.” Jeff went on the say “by working together for the well-being of people, businesses, and the environment, Green Bin® aims to create a positive impact on local communities.”

Green Bin® invites aspiring entrepreneurs to join its movement towards sustainable moving solutions. By embracing a Green Bin® licensing opportunity, individuals can become part of a national expansion effort that aligns with their values and promotes a greener future.
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About Green Bin®: Green Bin® is a leading provider of eco-friendly moving solutions, offering doorstep delivery and pick-up services to consumers and corporate clients. With a proven track record of satisfied customers and a focus on integrity, service, and community, Green Bin® is committed to revolutionizing the moving industry while promoting environmental sustainability.

Jeff Quincey
Green Bin®
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