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KonvertKlix Creates Another Huge Win After Growing Coaching Company Revenue by $3.5M Annually

Utah-based coaching company saw a 70% increase in revenue directly due to KonverKlix’s efforts

I'm excited we were able to help this company achieve dramatic results in 4 months. We are highly selective and only work with clients we know that we can significantly improve the bottom line fast.”
— Vince Whinnery, the CEO of KonvertKlix
MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2023/ -- Konvertklix, a performance-based marketing agency, released one of their recent success stories after helping a $5M coaching company increase revenue by 70% in less than four months. This continues to build on their underground reputation of helping private companies amass fortunes and scale rapidly. After helping numerous small businesses turn-around profits without the use of outside capital, they are expanding their sights into new markets.

KonvertKlix, known for revolutionizing marketing for the restaurant & hospitality industry, was started in 2014 when a couple of marketing pros teamed up to help small to mid-sized companies accelerate their revenue and rapidly grow. Since then, the company has helped more than 12 companies grow by more than 200% through the use of strategic marketing and growth initiatives that develop the capability for growth through internal cash flow helping remove the reliance on external capital.

Their recent efforts, after working with a coaching company, resulted in an increase of revenue by $3.5M annually (from $5M to $8.5M). This was primarily accomplished through improving the lead to appointment flow resulting in an improvement in conversion by 70%. This was accomplished over the span of four months in late 2021. The $3.5M in newfound revenue represented a 35,000% return-on-investment for the company, making it the most profitable move of the year by the CEO.

The convergence of both companies working together happed by chance, after a lunch uncovered the potential for rapid growth. After exploring opportunities the company decided to move forward with KonvertKlix. In addition to improving the workflow, KonvertKlix also established data analysis and tracking so the company could better understand their sales cycle, monthly fluctuations, and funnel metrics.

Vince Whinnery, the CEO of KonvertKlix, had this to say about the results, “I'm excited we were able to help this company achieve dramatic results in a short timeframe. We are highly selective and only work with clients we know that we can significantly improve the bottom line fast. This is our latest example of this, but one that will make a significant difference to the company and to the lives of the shareholders.”

KonvertKlix is a boutique marketing agency (specializing in private deals) founded by a CEO with a proven track record of achieving exceptional results. With decades of experience building successful businesses, Vince Whinnery has a strong background helping owners identify choke points that are constraining their company, and then develop highly profitable marketing campaigns that fund internal growth of a company at exceptional rates. This is often the launching point for exponential growth for companies working directly with KonvertKlix.

According to the IMF's update of the World Economic Outlook report, global growth is expected to decrease from 3.4% in 2022 to 2.9% in 2023 before rebounding next year. However, KonvertKlix is moving forward and helping businesses capitalize on strategic opportunities to generate revenue and increase shareholder value, even during uncertain times.

KonvertKlix says they look forward to helping companies create rapid growth despite the expectation of a strong pullback in the economy in the coming years. With multiple successes during the Great Recession of the 2008 period, they are poised to work with a handful of new companies in the coming year. We have no doubt KonvertKlix will have new success stories in the years to come.


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