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Stephen Komorek, Army Veteran Turned Investigator Exposes Massive Human Trafficking Problem

Stephen Komorek

Stephen Komorek, a world-class investigator, was sent to Ukraine to investigate claims of human trafficking and found more than expected.

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2023/ -- After Komorek left the military, he pursued a career as an investigator to uncover injustices of all kinds. Having a knack for research and intelligence work, Komorek was tasked by foreign officials to investigate claims of human trafficking in Ukraine related to the Russian invasion.

“I was personally requested by the Commanding General in charge of Kiev to Ukraine to standup a Counter Human Trafficking program,” Komorek said.

What he uncovered was much larger than anyone expected and far more troubling than what he even expected as an Army combat veteran.

“It became very evident in a lot of the places that we visited that many different war crimes and atrocities have been committed; the mass slaughters in Bucha and other areas,” Stephen said.

He continued, “We got to speak with a lot of different individuals there who really witnessed a lot of these atrocities. There were around 200,000 children that were kidnapped and taken by the Russian army. They would raid orphanages and take these homeless children directly out and back to Russia to help regrow the Russian population which has been on a steady decline,” he said. “

Stephen says another reason for the kidnapping includes human trafficking, which is more widespread than expected and largely understood by many.

“It [human trafficking] is not just an action of sex trafficking, that’s just one part of human trafficking. A great increase in different forms of human trafficking is organ harvesting,” Stephen said. “And many of these kidnapped victims and children were taken to Belarus.”

Stephen briefed the U.S. State Department and members of the U.N. upon his return and is expecting improvements to be made by multiple governments.
“It’s [human trafficking] a multibillion-dollar business, a growing business and it affects the whole world,” Stephen said.

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