GCRC Leader Mike Robinson Named to Scientific Committee for Global Meet on Nanotechnology

Mike Robinson High Times Top 100 2021

Mike Robinson, CEO and Founder of The Global Cannabinoid Research Center and Co-Founder of The NANO Group, Nanobles Corp.

Mike Robinson The NANO Group

Mike Robinson and David Uhalley are the Founders of The NANO Group, Nanobles Corporation

The U.S. Based Researcher is one of 2 dozen members of this prestigious scientific committee for the annual event - a meeting of the minds in Nanotechnology

The Global NANO Meet isn't so much about education as it is about sharing information and advancing Nanotechnology to help our world; my focus is on how medicines can be delivered more efficiently.”
— Mike Robinson, CEO, Nanobles, Inc.
SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Nanobles Corporation and Global Cannabinoid Research Center C.E.O. Mike Robinson has accepted an invitation to be a Scientific Committee member invitations for GMNANO2023 - the Global Meet on Nanotechnology to be held JUNE 12-14 in Osaka, Japan. The annual meeting is a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians, and industrial experts worldwide to present their research results and development activities in Nanotechnology.

"As I continue down the road of creation in Nanotechnology, I feel it's important to be part of these events," Mike Robinson explained, "It's an honor and a distinct privilege o be on the Scientific Committee. It surrounds me with those who know far more than I in this arena, so taking advantage of that opportunity alone makes business sense."

The meeting brings together World Class participants and young researchers looking for opportunities for exchanges that cross the traditional discipline boundaries. GMNANO2023 has a program designed to assist participants in resolving multidisciplinary challenging problems in state-of-the-art developments and cutting-edge technologies in the broad areas of Nanotechnology.

"We must share as much knowledge as possible with clinicians and researchers from around the world that are intrigued by the breakthroughs in Nanotechnology, the future potential in therapies from plant extracts, and the current outcomes of the self-treatment reported by patients, which is often overlooked but hard to do with me now that I'm in a 4th Cancer battle," explained the Researcher that's been very public about his fight against Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2023, in which he has utilized Nanotechnology in many facets of his treatment.

"Other researchers and educators are just as interested in undocumented discovery and concepts surrounding Nanotechnology as they are the science in this emerging field; when combined with plant medicine in my specialty, there are remarkable outcomes that we have yet to see in clinical trials," explained the C.E.O. of both Nanobles Corporation and the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, which has merged to create The NANO Group.

Mike Robinson is well known for his work in the field of Cannabis Compassion in helping patients with disabilities gain access to plant medicines, namely cannabis oils. He met his future wife and adoptive daughters, Genevieve and Sydney while traveling and helping people in need - Genevieve has severe Autism and Epilepsy.

Before he entered the world of Cannabis Compassion and then into Cannabinoid Medicine R&D, Robinson spent nearly two decades as a Civil Rights Lobbyist for kids in special education, representing pro bono throughout the United States. Now, he educates free of charge globally and has done over three dozen continued medical education symposiums and conferences.

"GMNANO2023 is an event I'll be in the background of as part of the Scientific Committee, and it's one loaded with so many different sessions that it covers just about every area of Nanotechnology - some I'm not too familiar with, so it's a great learning experience for everyone involved," Robinson explained. "It's not always necessary to speak at these events, sometimes it's far more important that we listen, and that's the task I agreed on."

Robinson, usually a Keynote Speaker, has been accepting Scientific Committee invitations instead during a Cancer Battle. The following Scientific Sessions will be exciting at GMNANO2023:

Carbon nanotechnology
Emerging Technologies
Electronics or Semiconductor Industry
Energy Capture and Storage
Environmental Nanotechnology
Federal Lab Research
Food Quality Control and Packaging
Nanotechnology in optics
Green Nanotechnology and Water Treatment
Life Sciences & Nanomedicine
Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Nanotechnology
Material Science
Modern Era of Nanotechnology
Nano Engineering
Nano Structuring
Nanobiotechnology and Nanosafety
Nanochemistry and Wet Nanotechnology
Nanomaterials, biomaterials, and synthesis
Nano Sensors
Nanoscience and Technology
Applied Science
Nanotechnology in Agriculture & Food industry
Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Polymer Nanotechnology
Quantum computation
Quantum Nanoscience
Scanning Probe Techniques
Scientific Computing
Quantum Nanoscience
Laser Optics
Advanced materials science
Aerospace Industries
Physical metallurgy

Mike Robinson and the NANO Group have proven their commitment to further public knowledge about the benefits of nanotechnology in medicine through the nonstop education done by their Global Cannabinoid Research Center at conferences worldwide.

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