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New MFA risk assessment tool hits the market

mfa gap calculator risk assessment

The MFA Gap Calculator

mfa assessment gap report

An example of a report generated by the MFA Gap Calculator

The MFA Gap Calculator is built for SMBs as well as insurance and compliance agents to be able to quickly identify and address gaps in MFA implementation.

The MFA Gap Calculator is a welcome evolution in cyber risk assessment, enabling underwriters to quickly determine the effectiveness of an insured's MFA solution.”
— Andrew Correll, Director of Insurance Solutions at SecurityScorecard
OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, April 12, 2023/ -- Today Cyphercor Inc. — the team behind LoginTC, a user-friendly MFA solution for SMBs — announced a new tool for assessing cyber risk called the MFA Gap Calculator.

The tool, which is available for free to use on the company’s website, evaluates whether a company’s MFA implementation is both comprehensive and strong. The tool looks at six different digital infrastructure categories including remote access to networks, devices, email, and web services, as well as privileged access management and local access.

“We’re excited about the possible use cases for a tool like this,” said CEO Diego Matute. “Firstly, for companies to be able to quickly assess and remedy gaps in their MFA implementation. But also for insurance carriers, MGAs, and brokers to be more involved in the risk assessment process, and feel confident that a policyholder’s security gaps can be easily addressed.”

The tool guides users through a responsive survey that takes less than ten minutes to fill out. It delivers an automatic email to the user’s inbox that contains an actionable PDF report with clear next steps to remedy any MFA gaps uncovered.

“We believe we’ve found the right balance between asking plain language but comprehensive questions, and streamlined everything so that the assessment isn’t too onerous of an IT administrator’s time,” continued Matute.

The burden on IT Administrators to be able to confidently answer complex questions about their organization’s cybersecurity set-up is higher than ever. Between cyber insurance applications, vendor applications, supply chain requirements and more, organizations of all sizes need to better understand their cybersecurity posture before they can begin to improve it.

LoginTC has partnered with dozens of cyber insurance providers, as well as other cybersecurity risk assessment providers to bring the MFA Gap Calculator directly to where organizations need it most.

"The MFA Gap Calculator is a welcome evolution in cyber risk assessment, enabling underwriters to quickly determine the effectiveness of an insured's MFA solution without burdening applicants with time-consuming questions,” said Andrew Correll, Director of Insurance Solutions at SecurityScorecard.

SecurityScorecard is the industry leader in security ratings, providing actionable insights so organizations can make fast, informed decisions that improve their cyber defenses.

“Insureds can now quickly showcase their MFA Gap Calculator Report in their SecurityScorecard Evidence Locker, effectively reducing the time spent answering follow-up questions from Cyber Insurance Underwriters," continued Correll.

Organizations are encouraged to upload their MFA Gap Report results to the SecurityScorecard Evidence Locker, where insurance underwriters and brokers can easily assess their cyber posture alongside standardized certifications such as ISO and SOC2.

Contact LoginTC for more information about the MFA Gap Calculator at or 1-877-LOGINTC.

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The MFA Gap Calculator - A New Risk Assessment Tool from LoginTC