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AN launches the $888 Trillion Abundant City Gigaproject: Rick Justus

Rick Justus visits the $1bn The Sustainable City - Yiti in Oman.

The new ANWOF company, Abundant City Development Company (ACDC), is an $888 Trillion gigaproject

ACDC's, not to be confused with AC/DC, $888 Trillion Abundant City gigaproject is the most ambitious development plan in history.”
— Rick Justus
FRISCO , TEXAS, USA, March 26, 2023/ -- Gigaprojects form a key pillar of AN's (Abundant Nations) overall strategy to solve abundance for humanity, as they are foundational in creating new economic ecosystems.

Rick Justus says, “These gigaprojects will create investment opportunities around the 12 essential sectors for what we call 'Total Abundance Wellbeing.'"

“AN's Abundant Nations World of Funds (ANWOF) is committed to designing, financing, and developing at least one truly iconic gigaproject in every nation, a critical piece to lifting economic abundance exponentially,” says Rick Justus, founder and chairman of AN.

ANWOF's Abundant City Development Company (ACDC) will work with the best individuals and companies in the world to create abundant ecosystems that drive exponential economic growth and diversification in the US and in every country in the world.

Abundance Day, coauthored by Rick Justus and his wife Monique Justus, is the master blueprint for every architect and developer of every gigaproject.

According to Rick Justus, each gigaproject must check 3 boxes: People, Planet, Profit. These are the 3 master keys to sustainable, exponential abundance.

“We will transcend smart cities by harnessing dramatically more data to quite literally solve ‘Total Abundance Wellbeing.’”

AN’s gigaprojects portfolio currently includes The Sky and The Circle at ABUNDANCE, 20 Downtowns, and $888 Trillion Abundant City.

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