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Launching Today: FOAF, the Affordable Fraction of a Fraction CXO Solution Businesses Have Been Waiting For logo

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With, get tailored executive expertise with flexible, high-value plans starting at $1K/month. Ideal for businesses needing top-level help on a budget.

We're breaking down barriers to top-level expertise for businesses on a budget. Our approach allows companies to access knowledge and experience without the financial burden of a traditional hire.”
— David Berkowitz, FOAF founder
NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 28, 2023/ -- Today marks the launch of, a platform designed to address the challenges businesses face when seeking top-level expertise without incurring the high costs associated with part-time executives. FOAF (Fraction of a Fraction) offers a fresh, flexible, and budget-conscious approach to bringing in executive talent.

FOAF stands out as an innovative solution in the fractional CXO landscape, providing only the necessary expertise without the substantial financial commitment typically associated with part-time or full-time hires. This service is tailored to businesses that require assistance but wish to maintain budget control.

The FOAF team is pleased to welcome marketing executives Laura Fitton and B.L. Ochman as the first fellow FOAFs. Laura Fitton, a climate economy evangelist, expert speaker, HubSpot veteran, and exited tech CEO, brings her passion for growth through partnerships, influence, community, and content. B.L. Ochman, a multi-talented marketing professional, offers her expertise in e-books, podcasts, and search-optimized content. Their addition enriches the FOAF team, and more CXOs are expected to join soon.

FOAF was founded by David Berkowitz, who also established the Serial Marketer consultancy and the 3,000-member Serial Marketers community. "Our goal with FOAF is to make top-level expertise accessible for businesses on a budget. Our approach empowers companies to tap into the knowledge and experience they need to thrive, without the financial burden associated with traditional executive hires," said Berkowitz.

Key benefits of FOAF include:

Customized Expertise: FOAF delivers only the necessary expertise, tailored to each company's specific needs, while fostering a collaborative environment with realistic expectations for both short-term and long-term achievements.

Agility and Flexibility: FOAF enables companies to remain agile, adapting plans month-to-month or even week-to-week based on evolving needs and priorities.

Maximum Value, Minimal Expense: Access the experience of a $200K+ base salary hire starting at $1K a month, making FOAF a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Freelance executives intrigued by the prospect of joining the FOAF network are encouraged to reach out and discover how this opportunity can be mutually beneficial.

To learn more about FOAF and its potential to support businesses, visit The FOAF team is committed to responding promptly to inquiries and providing any necessary information.

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