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First Comprehensive FemTech Industry Analytical Framework Released by Deep Knowledge Group and FemTech Analytics

FemTech Analytics in cooperation with the Data Science Division of Deep Knowledge Group has published a new definitive FemTech Industry Analytical Framework.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 21, 2023 / -- FemTech Analytics (FTA) in cooperation with the Data Science Division of Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) has published a new FemTech Industry Analytical Framework, constituting the most comprehensive classification system for FemTech Industry analysis to date. The framework has been published in an open-access format to better serve the needs of FemTech industry participants and decision makers dedicated to developing technology-based products and services that cater specifically to the health needs and wellness of women.

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FemTech (Female Technology) is technology empowering women’s health and well-being. This term is often applied to products, services, software applications, medical devices, telehealth, wearables, hardware, therapeutic drugs, vitamins and supplements, digital platforms, and consumer products designed to improve or support women's health.

Deep Knowledge Group views the FemTech Industry as a viable investment opportunity due to an ongoing trend of diversification in preventive health and Personalized Medicine. Since its launch in 2021, the Group’s subsidiary FemTech Analytics has been producing regular analytical reports on key FemTech topics, including industry landscape, investment overview, surveys, and ratings of companies based on their innovation potential and business activity in the FemTech sphere, as well as providing strategic consulting and investment intelligence services.

Four major FemTech ecosystem groups classified by the framework include:
– FemTech R&D Centers and Labs
– FemTech Hubs & Communities
– FemTech Investors
– FemTech Companies.

The last sector consists of ten subsectors, namely, Menstrual Health, Reproductive Health and Contraception, Longevity, Pregnancy and Nursing, General Healthcare, Mental Health, Menopause Care, Sexual Health, Pelvic and Uterine Healthcare, and Women's Wellness.

The framework also covers main types of healthcare and medical products and services across all listed subsectors.

The main aim of the FemTech Industry Analytical Framework is to share comprehensive descriptive tools that make it easier for industry participants and stakeholders to compare businesses internationally, and focus on the technological aspect of each company's activity.

The FemTech Industry is a rapidly growing and dynamic space, driven by innovation and a commitment to improving women's health and wellness. New players are entering the market, and existing companies are expanding their offerings or shifting their focus to better address the needs of women. And as the industry continues to grow and change, the FemTech Industry Analytical Framework will continue to adapt and evolve to reflect the latest developments and trends.

In 2021, a foretype of this Industry Analytical Framework formed the basis of the FemTech IT-Platform, currently tracking the status of 1,800 companies, 1,900 investors, 30 R&D centers and labs, 30 hubs and communities, 500 personalities and 150 leaders, blogposts, media highlights, events, and a large amount of other valuable information. The platform delivers advanced market intelligence, interactive mindmaps, benchmarking for companies, investors, and technologies.

The FemTech IT-Platform is designed to make key strategic recommendations and guidance regarding female-related technologies and techniques, within the reach of companies, other entities, and nations, in order to assist them in optimizing their action plans and strategies, providing specialized guidelines for business, and investment core decisions.

FemTech Analytics’ Global FemTech Ecosystem already delivers interactive market overview figures, interactive mindmaps, and reports, which are being further developed to include benchmarking for companies, investors, and technologies, and competitive and SWOT analysis in the upcoming Global FemTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard, using the new FemTech Industry Analytical Framework as a basis.


Over the last few years, the FemTech industry has grown exponentially, paving the way for innovative start-ups and established tech companies to create products catering to women's health and wellness. Notably, the market has seen a surge in investment, with the total amount of funding reaching a staggering $19.7 billion in December 2022, representing a YoY increase of 35%. This figure is expected to continue growing, thanks to the increasing awareness of women's health.

While North America is currently home to the majority of FemTech companies, accounting for 43.4% of the total, Europe is the second-largest region, with a 26.4% share, with most companies based in the UK. The FemTech subsector is still underrepresented in Asian countries, MENA, and Australia. However, this is expected to change as the industry continues to grow and expand globally.

In terms of subsectors, Pregnancy and Nursing is the largest segment by companies number, accounting for 18.6% of the total market. Menstrual Health is a close second, comprising 16.5%, followed by Reproductive Health and Contraception, which holds 16.1% of the market. Together, these top three subsectors make up 51.2% of the entire FemTech market.

In recent years, the FemTech industry has seen significant growth in terms of the number of companies and geographic distribution. According to FemTech Analytics, there are now more than 1,800 FemTech companies in 75 countries, compared to about 470 companies in 40 countries before 2015. This indicates that the industry is rapidly expanding and gaining traction across the globe.

Other key trends include:
~ Rising demand for personalized healthcare solutions
~ Increased focus on mental health and wellness
~ Growing use of wearables and IoT devices
~ Increased focus on menopause and aging
~ Growing popularity of telemedicine.


MARKET INTELLIGENCE: Producing regular open-access and proprietary reports on the emerging topics and trends in the Female Health industry. All reports are supported by back-end analytics systems and tools that allow to receive fresh insights and updates about opportunities and risks.

BIG DATA ANALYTICAL SYSTEM AND DASHBOARD: Building a comprehensive Big Data Analytical System and Dashboard (SaaS) as a one-stop-platform for all market and business intelligence operations our customers may need, including profiling thousands of companies, market signals and trends based on tens of millions of constantly updated data points.

VIRTUAL EVENTS AND WEBINARS: Organizing virtual conferences featuring FemTech influencers, including founders and CEOs of startups and established companies, investors, scientists and other key players in the Women's Health industry.

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