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Global Public Relations Expert Marjie Hadad Launches PR Parenting Movement with New Book Release

The Power of PR Parenting by Marjie Hadad

Author Marjie Hadad

Hadad’s groundbreaking debut book is an essential read for every parent and anyone with kids in their lives.

This book offers a fresh perspective that gives well-lived insights that will help us all write fabulous stories as we raise competent and successful kids. A welcome addition to your nightstand!”
— Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D.
CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2023/ -- In her debut book, The Power of PR Parenting, author Marjie Hadad, introduces a new parenting approach called PR Parenting, that uses public relations strategies to help make parenting easier and help our kids to be their best selves. The book is intended to start a PR Parenting Movement that will benefit today’s families and generations to come. The Power of PR Parenting is available for pre-order, and has already ranked number one in three different categories on Amazon.

Whereas most parenting books relate to one specific topic or age group, The Power of PR Parenting addresses an array of universal, modern-day parenting challenges that span from the baby days through university admission, and has valuable lessons not only for parents, but also for anyone with kids in their lives.

Ms. Hadad illustrates various points through personal and professional stories, that chronicle her 30 years as a global pr expert, and the concurrent 25 years raising her three, now grown children. She also provides exercises for readers to apply the same public relations practices she used at home, in their own world, to raise confident, resilient and successful children.

One of the major book themes is to bring your professional skills home to benefit the family.

For example: throughout her career, Ms. Hadad has prepared her clients for interviews, presentations and events. She applied these same preparation practices at home to help ready her kids for school, extracurricular activities, trips and parties. She invites readers to benefit from this strategy, among the many others detailed in her book.

With step-by-step, strategic public relations techniques, readers will learn new ways to help their children to:
· Part with their pacifier willingly
· Develop superior writing, language and presentation skills
· Build self-confidence, self-love, resilience, respect & tolerance
· Deal with bullies and sexual predators—online and on the street
· Handle crises in today’s post pandemic world—small and large and
· Make the effort and enjoy the journey.

These PR techniques will also help readers to:
· Look at time differently
· Strike a more harmonious work-family balance
· Keep their cool with 10 balls in the air and the pressure rising
· Be more present for their child
· Carve out mommy me time, and
· Grant their child the opportunity to soar on their own.

Excerpt from the book:
“We’re all in this together my friend, and by sharing my personal story—the good and the bad (approved for disclosure by my husband and kids)—as well as the finer points of my profession, I am hoping to help make your journey that much easier.”

The Power of PR Parenting: How to Raise Confident, Resilient, and Successful Children Using Public Relations Strategies is published by Muse Literary, an independent traditional publishing house, and will be released Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

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