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Strange Desert Festival: Electronic Railroad - (April 29) - Orlando Amphitheater

Wild West EDM Railroad

Wild West Strange Desert

A Western World Electronic Music Festival with Wild West Themes

This is the first year of its development and the Quantum team is grateful for festival lovers that just want to have fun. Big Festival growth takes time, and they've already sold over 1400 presales.”
— Daemon Vicluna
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2023 / -- On April 29th, 2023, the "Strange Desert" festival comes to Orlando Amphitheater, a Wild West EDM Railroad for dance lovers, festival lovers, and fashion lovers. The 18+ event starts at 4 pm and runs throughout the night with a packed lineup of regional DJs and newer talent.

The cute, wild west-themed festival also has some accents of "strange" vibes from outer space, artificial intelligence, and its very own train and historical mythos that resemble that of popular weird fiction from the 20th and 21st centuries. The idea is that the Main Stage is a station junction between various worlds of talent, genre, and different types of music and art. It's the type of festival that takes a backseat from the large-scale visuals and headliners of the modern industry and focuses more on the attendee - the true and real "festival lovers/EDM Ravers" that just want to come out and enjoy love, friendship, peace, fashion, music, and dance.

Grimoire Academy and Quantum Morphology team up to create a specific dress theme, as well, encouraging attendees ( although optional) to embrace various fashions across different popular culture ideologies such as space travelers, aliens, robots, space cadets, cowboys, cowgirls: western world outlaws, and/or strange cow festival attire 🐄. There's a strong desire to create a culture based around neon wild west boots, hats, or just general festival/EDM attire: (it attempts to acknowledge and become sensitive to American historical culture while still enjoying the fun of history).

The incorporation of a vendor town, which most festivals procure, is also a highlight of this event; while it is in the seeding stages of development this year, the creation of "Strange Frontier" is likely to accent the Blue Ridge Mountain Station Stage, a terminus for all artwork, sponsors, food, drink, etc.,

Quantum is planting the seed for something to grow long-term and annually. This event is about the euphoria, hype, and love for electronic music festival culture that supports newer artists and regionals that are developing their careers; it is, also, building something at a lower cost to give attendees more freedom and less stress about going out. It's about fun.

The lineup will focus on regional artists and up-and-coming talent.
Tickets are made cheaper instead of hitting high costs and high stress for attendees. This is the first year of its development and the Quantum team is grateful for festival lovers that just want to have fun and aren't stressed about the industry "standards." Big Festival growth takes time.
The event is listed under Quantum Moprhology's "EDM Day+Night Festivals"

The official title of this festival is not released through the ticketing website, but will someday be known as "SDF-ER and/or WILD WEST EDM RAILROAD, the Strange Desert Electronic Dance Festival."

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