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A new free authentication option for businesses hits the market

passcode grid example

An example of a Passcode Grid

offline windows logon grid authentication

An example of Offline Windows Logon with Passcode Grid

Multi-factor authentication provider, LoginTC, has introduced a new free, hardware-independent authentication method called Passcode Grid to their solution.

Melding security and accessibility has been the goal of LoginTC for the past twelve years. Passcode grid continues to fulfill that goal.”
— Diego Matute, CEO & Founder of Cyphercor
OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, March 1, 2023 / -- As cyber threats continue to rise and more businesses are feeling the pinch, organizations looking for a way to securely and cost-effectively protect their critical infrastructure have a new tool they can implement.

Canadian cybersecurity start-up Cyphercor has introduced Passcode Grid authentication as a new authentication method for their MFA service.

Passcode grid authentication is a simple, no-cost authentication option for organizations and end-users who need added flexibility in their MFA solution. A passcode grid is a five-by-five table of rows and columns that is generated uniquely for each user.

“This is a big achievement for the MFA industry,” said CEO of Cyphercor, Diego Matute. “Melding security and accessibility has been the goal of LoginTC for the past twelve years. Passcode grid continues to fulfill that goal. It’s the culmination of significant customer consultation and significant investment in R&D.”

Passcode grids can be saved as PDF files or printed out for users to authenticate with, making it a completely free authentication method that doesn’t require any additional devices to operate. For organizations that aren’t able to have employees use their personal devices for authentication, passcode grid offers flexibility without adding additional cost.

Passcode grid is also available for offline Windows Logon and RDP access.

“Passcode grid adds to our existing offline authentication methods, but without requiring the use of a smartphone or the need to generate temporary bypass codes” said CTO Thomas Sydorowski. “It’s important for businesses to have flexibility and versatility however they need their users to authenticate.”

Passcode grid was first made available in the initial release of LoginTC Managed, Cyphercor’s on-premises MFA solution.

Organizations looking for additional flexibility and versatility in their authentication options are encouraged to try it out for themselves, completely free for 15-days.

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