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The MFTS– a decentralized storytelling NFT, the immersive future of Storytelling paving the future of entertainment

NFT, NFT Collectibles, NFT Stories, Metaverse, Storytelling, Inter-dimensional Fridge, Fridge of the Multiverse, Fridge of the Future, Fridge Portal,

NFT, NFT Collectibles, NFT Stories, Metaverse, Storytelling, Inter-dimensional Fridge, Fridge of the Multiverse, Fridge of the Future, Fridge Portal,

The MFTs Multi-Dimensional AR-VR

NFT, NFT Collectibles, NFT Stories, Metaverse, Storytelling, The MFTs , NFT COLLECTION

MFTs Family Poses In Their  Multiverse  Mansion.

NFT, NFT Collectibles, NFT Stories, Metaverse, Storytelling, The Mansion, Extraordinary Family, Interdimensional Characters, Parallel Universe, Alternate Reality

The MFTs Multi-Dimensional Design.

NFT, NFT Collectibles, NFT Stories, Metaverse, Storytelling, The MFTs,

Young oligarch named Robby is monitoring his investment.

NFT, NFT Collectibles, NFT Stories, Metaverse, Storytelling, Robby, Crypto Fanatic, Tech Savvy, Wonder Boy, Trading Analyst

The MFTs Boot Camp Decentralized Storytelling, A Web3-powered Virtual NFT Community, With AI -VR- AR for Writing Story A Film3, future of digital entertainment

I am excited to be a founder of the MFTs Boot Camp Decentralized Storytelling.A Web3-powered Virtual NFT Community, With AI for Writing Story - Film3, Future Digital Entertainment , A Game Changer.”
— Angelica Nefertiti Strong
NEW YORK, USA, February 16, 2023 / -- Storytelling NFT is arriving at your doorstep!

The rise of Web3 has given way to decentralized storytelling, a game changer in the virtual world, made possible by NFTs.

The cryptocurrency crash ushered in a turning point, with NFT projects coming back stronger with real use of blockchain and long-term solutions.

NFTs have increased their potential as vehicles for decentralized storytelling, becoming a platform for different communities to come together.

Welcome to the World of The MFTs
The MFTs are among the pioneers to adopt this breakthrough platform, producing 3D full-body avatars that integrate Metaverse and Blockchain technology with storytelling, adventure gaming, and cartoons.

The creators see it as the next big innovation. They assembled a team of seasoned technologists, entertainment industry veterans, agency owners and business professionals who are all passionate about Web3 and the convergence of business, media, and technology. The group shares a vision of reimagining the way NFTs have been adapted in the new merging of tech, and reaching new audiences in the writing space.

“With over 20 years of experience in the world of art and entertainment, we've got the portfolio to make this happen! We have worked with Adidas, Nikon, CNN, BMW, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and more -- NFTS are truly exciting as we felt connected to it, and believe in the many possibilities it holds for further innovations,” one of the founders, Max Penzel shares.

Meet the Family
Follow our main characters: dad Vern, mom Vicky, daughter Tilda, son Robby, Granny Gertrude, their neighbor Tim, and cop Sergeant Muledeer as they traverse a multi-dimensional portal that allows different versions of themselves into their universe. With lovable quirks and relatable family dynamics as backbone, The MFTs’ stories come alive with plot twists at every pull of their fridge door.

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What can you expect from The MFTs?
Each MFTs holder gets to choose a character that best represents their personality, and come up with his or her own backstory through the MFTs website. Members vote on its trajectory, and brainstorm ideas for what happens next. The community will then recognize and award the best NFT stories; the more invested the audience is, the more valuable the project becomes. Here’s the best part: the writer can be incentivized for their creativity.

Thriving projects benefit the web3 community by potentially increasing demand for certain NFTs, redefining the utility of digital collectibles. The ability of stories to power collaboration, teach values, and communicate emotions makes decentralized storytelling a promising investment for billion-dollar industries.
How can you immerse yourself in The MFTs community?

The MFTs Boot Camp is a Web3-powered virtual community. Experiment with decentralized story building, tinker with AI, and use AR to interact with other NFT characters -- all with the vision of building Film3, the future of digital entertainment.

Eventually, The MFTs can become a gateway for crossover promotions with other brands and metaverses, altering the fabric of traditional storytelling.

Find a place you can call home in the Metaverse, and follow @therealmfts on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s change stories, together.

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