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Culture Wireless joins eCommunity™ Fiber to deliver ultra-fast & affordable internet service to Clayton County, GA

Culture Wireless Group, powered by eCommunity™, brings fiber internet to Riverdale, Jonesboro, Forest Park, Lovejoy, Morrow & Lake City in Clayton County, GA

JONESBORO, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2023 / -- eCommunity™ Fiber --

Culture Wireless Group (CWG) is an internet service provider focused on delivering internet to underserved communities. CWG's mission is to “empower communities with high-quality and affordable internet service.” GWG has partnered with eCommunity™ to offer internet services to residents in Clayton County, GA.

eCommunity™ Holdings (“eCommunity™” or “eCommunity™ Fiber”), an open-access fiber infrastructure company formed by Antarctica Capital and A2D, Inc, is bringing a new, high-speed, fiber network to Clayton County, GA.

eCommunity™’s open access model enables homes and businesses in Clayton County to have access to a high-quality fiber network. Culture, a minority-owned and operated internet service provider, can now compete head-to-head with the incumbent phone and cable companies to sell fiber-based internet services. Culture is ready to provide ultra-fast, reliable, and affordable connections to homes and businesses powered by eCommunity™.

eCommunity™ entered Clayton County in August of 2022 by purchasing 103 miles of underground fiber passing thru the cities of Riverdale, Jonesboro, Forest Park, Lovejoy, Morrow, Lake City, and suburban areas of Clayton County. After an initial phase of marketing and sales, the eCommunity team has identified high-demand zones and is aggressively expanding the network into neighborhoods, delivering high speed fiber broadband services throughout all underserved areas of Clayton County. eCommunity™ is on target to have its first wave of users connected during the second quarter of this year.

Antwon Alsobrook, Founder & CEO of A2D and eCommunity Holdings, explains; “eCommunity™ was created to bring much-needed competition to underserved communities. Now, smaller minority-owned internet providers have an equitable seat at the table to compete head-to-head with the local cable and phone companies, offering affordable and high-quality services. As an Atlanta native, I am looking forward to helping Culture bridge the digital divide within Clayton County!”

“We are constantly expanding our network to serve customers across the country. Our core message is that the Internet should be distributed like other utilities to people's homes. Everyone in America should have access to the internet. CWG is a culture-shifting company on a mission to change the world through technology and we are one step closer to helping to close the digital divide that plagues the nation starting with Georgia” says Al Adjahoe, CEO of Culture Wireless Group.

About Culture Wireless Group
Culture Wireless Group (CWG) is an Internet Service Provider focused on providing internet to communities that need it most. CWG also develops wireless network infrastructures for municipalities, businesses, and campuses to own and operate within their community. Our mission is to empower communities with their own network infrastructure to provide internet access to their community on their terms.

About eCommunity™ Holdings
Founded in 2022, eCommunity™ privately funds, builds, and operates open-access fiber networks across the USA. eCommunity™ networks are carrier neutral and will be well-positioned for the future growth and increasing value of data transport. The mission of eCommunity™ is to deploy fiber infrastructure unhindered by legacy restraints and enable all future communications technologies. eCommunity™ is led by Antwon Alsobrook, CEO, and Keith Quarles Jr., President, who along with the executive team possess decades of experience building and managing broadband infrastructure across the United States.

About Antarctica Capital
Antarctica Capital is an international private equity firm headquartered in New York. Antarctica Capital is a registered investment advisor and is dedicated to investments in private markets and real assets and the establishment of long-term capital vehicles to leverage this investment focus. Antarctica's investment approach is active ownership with an inherent focus on sustainability and to provide more than capital to develop companies. The firm has an absolute return focus, which leads the firm to rigorously evaluate and build conviction around idiosyncratic investment opportunities and build value through the implementation of its investment strategies, such as SIGA®, SARO® and SEREY™.

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About A2D
A2D is the nation’s only African American-owned and operated open-access fiber carrier. A2D’s focus is to expand fiber-to-the-premise connectivity in all underserved areas of America. We do so by enabling multiple internet providers to compete in bringing affordable, highspeed internet-based services, directly to homes and businesses via eCommunity™.

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