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Travel Gig Revolutionary Customer Factory Now Generates Affiliates

Travel Gig - Customer Factory

Travel Gig - Customer Factory

Finally, a solution allowing affiliates to grow their business after running out of people to talk to.

We’re proud to provide people a true long term opportunity where all the rest fall short.”
— Camaron Corr, President
MISSOULA, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2023 / -- Travel Gig, LLC disclosed the latest expansion of its revolutionary Customer Factory® program which will now allow affiliates the ability to grow their team by enrolling other Travel Gig® affiliates directly from the company. After months of internal testing, the new feature is now available for qualifying affiliates to purchase credits through the end of the month to participate in the Beta roll-out next month.

The Customer Factory® is an innovative solution to an age old problem common throughout the Direct Sales industry.

People are always excited to start a new side gig, but after 2-3 months they typically run out of people to talk to and watch their business and income quickly dissipate. Meticulously developed over 15+ years by 212 Technologies® the widely acclaimed Customer Factory® solves this problem by allowing Travel Gig® affiliates the ability to acquire HappiTravel® customers directly from the company. Affiliates can purchase credits to receive a share of newly enrolled customers each month resulting from high impact digital marketing facilitated by Click Bait Media, LLC that leverages viral social media advertising, incorporates direct mail sent to each newly enrolled customer, and includes ongoing drip exposure through email and retargeting ad campaigns.

The program expansion will now allow participants to purchase credits and receive enrollments of both HappiTravel® customers as well as Travel Gig® affiliates resulting from monthly ad campaigns executed through a delicate balance of optimized audience targeting and meticulously refined ad copy. Customer targeted campaigns are designed to put the highly desirable value of the HappiTravel® wholesale travel platform directly in front of travelers who are currently losing money by not being a member. Likewise the affiliate focused campaigns target those interested in generating a side income with the revolutionary Travel Gig® opportunity. Click Bait Media engages in ongoing split-testing of ad copy and content which continuously reduces costs and enhances value for participants.

Further amplifying results, 212 Technologies facilitates API software integration with major social media system allowing “on-platform” engagement that facilitates enrollment directly into HappiTravel® or Travel Gig®. This innovation significantly increases conversion rates of new customers and affiliates and reduces costs for program participants. As each new person enrolls the system engages 212’s proprietary Rotation Engine that automatically assigns new enrollments to Travel Gig® affiliates in proportion to the number of credits they have purchased for the month.

“There’s an evolution underway in the Direct Sales industry and we’re leading the charge,” commented Chief Technology Officer, Mike Darling. “The reason most people fail in their side hustle isn’t because they didn’t try hard, or weren’t coachable or teachable, it’s because no one told them they’d be on their own after they talk to everyone they know! Most companies build their entire business model around squeezing distributors for 90-days of production, then cast them aside and move on to the next person. That’s just unacceptable to us, people deserve better. They deserve a real solution!”

The company’s customer-centric approach requires program participants to purchase at least as many customer credits as they do affiliate credits each month, ensuring the focus remains centered on the incredible value proposition of the HappiTravel® platform.

“Our affiliates are the best in the industry,” added President, Camaron Corr. “The culture at Travel Gig® is as unique as it is amazing, and part of the reason is how much we care! We’re proud to provide people a true long term opportunity where all the rest fall short. No catches, free to join, no pay-to-play, and no monthly fees. We’re a true family and we want you here… come home to Travel Gig!”

About 212 Technologies®

212 Technologies, LLC is a leading developer of marketing technologies for the direct sales market including web-based software and mobile applications. Its systems have been developed based upon more than 27 years' experience in online marketing and have been accessed by over 20 million system users. Its flagship products leverage cutting-edge technology and provide a comprehensive "end to end" platform, including customer facing websites, back end system management, unique database schema, specialized client and server side scripting, intuitive mobile applications, and a proprietary AI Module (“Automated Intelligence”) that monitors data and interacts seamlessly between each system element. For more information, visit

About HappiTravel®

HappiTravel® provides access to premium HappiTrips® vacations, HappiHotels™ booking engine, and HappiCondos™ vacation rentals at wholesale rates because third party HappiScience™ studies show that travel elevates your happiness, relieves stress & anxiety, can improve heart health, provides enhanced creativity & inspiration, and strengthens your social connections and relationships. It’s experiences, not possessions, that warm your heart and stick with you the longest. We just think your shouldn’t have to pay retail for happiness! Free to join, without any catches or gotcha’s. Be Happy. Travel.® For more information, visit https://Happi.Travel.

About Travel Gig®

At Travel Gig® we're passionate about helping people afford amazing vacations and helping you to earn an income doing it! Our innovative technology and revolutionary rewards plan give you a true unfair advantage. There are many travel companies, but only one Travel Gig®. Part time, full time, some of the time, all of the time... there's nothing like a great gig. For more information, visit

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