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We at the 4th R Foundation Have Come up With a Proposal to Create a Super Mature America

/ The Metaphysics of the Current American Way of Life.

The human mind and brain are like the two wheels of the bicycle of consciousness. Just like the two wheels of a bicycle they are both equally important. Even though the brain and mind relationship is not as clear cut; we can say broadly, that the mind represents the conscious/awareness part of our consciousness and the brain represents the unconscious part of our consciousness. Both are indespensible and interdependent parts of our being.

Our big problem is why has the education establishment not proposed any radical education initiatives. We consistently have trouble educating emotionally challenged students who do not improve/learn no matter how much attention is payed to them. It is a sad state of affairs but the real cause is the same fundamental reason why the whole society is so messed up. Ever since the days of Aristotle it was decided that controlling bad behavior was the only choice for controlling the bad elements of society. Laws were enacted to control bad behavior. So a perpetual control of bad behavior is the government response while the emotionally challenged brain will continue to create what it is wired to do. It is like the brain is brass and we expect it to behave like gold. We treat our students in the same way; we control their behavior. We treat our students by controlling their emotionally challenged behavior the same way we control the criminal elements of our society; by carrots and sticks. Controlling bad behavior does not work just as controlling crime does not work because by controlling bad behavior we try to control a symptom while leaving the real cause unaddressed. Bad behavior is the symptom of emotionally challenged brains. The real solution here is to educate the emotionally challenged brains.

By brain washing and strict laws we may put a gold plating on the brass plated gold brain but the the bottom line character traits and behavior will remain that of brass. The tragedy is that most are gold brains to begin with but a -2 (premature brain) very heavy brass plating, a -1 (immature brain), heavy brass plating, and or a +1 (mature brain) transparent and thin brass polish, where gold seeps through - all in the form of a self image makes us believe that we are brass; when we are really gold.

We have to wake up to the fact that this brass behavior of our emotionally challenged students is not because they are brass. The core of each one of these student is gold and it is covered with a heavy brass plating. This brass plating is not innate and it can be taken off. We have over a decade to gradually take this false plating off and make every student not only know and understand that they are gold we can make each emotionally challenged student into pure gold.

A much bigger problem for us in America is that we create our own +1 (mature brain) trophy self image brass polish on our children's (+2 super mature brain potential) gold core; even though in all other ways we mostly provide the most healthy nurturing environment to create emotionally healthy children who are well prepared to learn. As a result we develop the best minds in the world which manifest as the top scientists and leaders in every field but we also produce the majority of slightly emotionally messed up brains. We integrate the false belief in our children of they being the best. This 'I am the best' powered trophy self image is the basic reason for our current life mess. The phony over confident self image misreads reality and focuses on it's own agenda; leaving the pure self restless, frustrated and ready for drugs. These chemically induced life escapes cause their own problems...

We are gold but know our self as brass and so we behave as -2 brass, -1 brass, +1 brass and as +2 gold depending on our brain/mind actualization level. It is virtually like gold thinking itself as brass and yet pretending to be gold! Just imagine all the emotional and physical tensions and turmoil this causes in most lives. Look at all the havoc it causes from relationships to crime, from corruption to greed, from depression to divorce..., where life at the individual, group and country level all becomes a big mess.

The -2 brain has a deep seated unconscious need for self aggrandizement so it lives in it's own phantasmal world; having little grip on reality. -2 students cannot focus on their studies and these are the ones who are emotionally unprepared to learn. These are the ones for whom no amount of improvement in regular intelligence education can make them into good learners. Their educational needs are different.

The question is how to use the tools that we have at our disposal. For society the bottom line is how we behave. The best possible behavior stems from the highest quality super mature brain and mind. What we need is the highest quality regular education and the highest quality emotional intelligence education. While we have the highest quality regular education that creates the top quality world leaders in science and art; our current emotional intelligence education turns out a vast majority of trophy self images. So we create life's physical opportunities with a top educated mind and spend these bounties with a less than stellar emotional brain. This translates into all kinds of problems, from bankruptcies to divorce, from drug dependencies to depression and from budget deficits to bloated defense budgets and everything else in between.

Life science/emotional intelligence education is about the mind becoming the master of the brain where the brain becomes another limb of the human body just like a hand or leg; where the brain acts according to the beck and call of the mind; where the brain accepts the version of life's reality as perceived by the mind. How is all this possible? It is about restoring the power of actual-reality/truth over the whole brain/mind complex by giving the brain/mind complex the innate ability to percieve and live a pure life. It is becoming the pure self that biochemically, unconsciously, innately and effortlessly oozes pure happiness and creates a pure and authentic life. Just imagine an error-less pure happiness and a chemically induced happiness.

The Pandora's box that is the brain and mind does not matter what matters is how to make the brains biochemical language and the minds language expressed in words both speak the same language where they both translate and understand reality exactly as the real world is. Where each individual, group and country not only knows and understands who one is but also becomes one's pure self. We at the 4th R Foundation have come up with a proposal to create a +2 super mature emotionally intelligent America; where we teach emotional intelligence education to our students. Where students with -2, -1 and +1 brains/minds enter at the preschools level and graduate from High School with +2 brains/minds.

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