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GoKid AU & NZ Announce Influencer Marketing Campaign

GoKid Australia

GoKid Australia

6.5+ million pounds of CO2 reduced & 10+ million miles of driving saved in the US

For the first time, a family carpool solution is offered for everyday travel needs, which is good for the environment and builds community spirit.”
— Stefanie Lemcke CEO of GoKid
SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, February 6, 2023 / -- The Coach Company Group companies in Australia and New Zealand announce their Instagram Influencer program for school carpooling. GoKid AU NZ mobile App for iPhone and Google Play - free to use - allows parents to create student carpools. PRO account provides real-time tracking, and messaging.

This service is a community-driven solution to the problem of single-car use in taking children to school. Helping families reduce their fuel costs, carbon footprint and strengthen their local community. No paid drivers. Only carpool with other families that you know and trust.

Advantages of using a carpool for school students

Child safety: children only carpool with trusted parents

Cost savings: Carpooling reduces the cost of fuel and vehicles

Environmentally friendly: Carpooling helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality.

School environments: improved air quality around schools reduces sickness.

Convenience: Carpooling allows students to travel together, reducing the need for individual transportation and making the commute more convenient.

Improved safety: When students carpool, there is a reduced risk of accidents, especially around drop-off & pick-up zones.

Reduced traffic congestion: Carpooling helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, reducing traffic congestion and making the commute smoother.

Socialization: Carpooling provides an opportunity for students to socialize and develop relationships with their peers.

After-school clubs and activities: also benefit - making life easier each and every day. After-school activities are a great way for kids to build confidence, make friends, and develop new skills, from soccer to salsa, and gymnastics to singing in a choir. But they're not always easy to get kids to or from.

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