HB Naturals Launches Unique Side Hustle Opportunity For Main Street America

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HB Naturals Gift Card

HB Naturals Gift Card

HB Naturals opens the door to Middle America to income opportunity with no money down! Free $25.00 gift card program first in the direct-to-consumer industry.

My mother is 82 yrs young and says she's never felt so good. My wife loves the beauty care products. We both use the product that keeps us feeling good and working on the farm we love.”
— Hurst Family Farm
DESTIN, FLORIDA, USA, February 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- With America teetering on the edge of a recession and inflation at a ten-year high, Main Street Americans are looking for additional income streams to pay their monthly expenses and feed their family. Heart & Body Naturals' "Free $25.00 Gift Card" program opens the door for cash-strapped Americans to launch a home-based, side hustle business without having to pay any money to get started.

Paula & Ben Scarcella remember living on a tight budget, raising kids, and dreaming of the day they would be out of debt. "We hoped we could find a way to send the kids to college, take care of our aging parents, and someday retire. We are no different than most Americans; we just never gave up on striving to find a way - states Ben Scarcella.

Unlike many direct-to-consumer business models, HB Naturals showcases the fact they do not charge any fees for a person to join the company as a Consultant. During the Pandemic years, HB Naturals saw a steady increase in business as well as growth in their independent consultants. With people looking for additional revenues, as well as plant-based products to help them with potential wellness challenges, especially in managing their weight, HB Naturals became a risk-free way of entering the home-based side of the gig economy.

With the launch of the Free Gift Card program, the scarcella's believe they can once again help Main Street Americans, who are facing layoffs from downsizing, single moms and dads struggling on a budget, and couples forced into early retirement a way to earn some additional income and lower some of their monthly purchases at the same time.

About: Heart & Body Naturals launched with one simple purpose; sharing the synergistic Healing Trilogy products formulated with the healing power of plants provided by our creator. The life-enhancing Healing Trilogy products are the one and only reason for Heart & Body Naturals' existence. If you take away Alexandria Brighton's formulas, there would be no Heart & Body Naturals. From the early New Mexico clinic days, Mind, Body, and Soul have each assisted the body with healing naturally and provided a synergistic response when used together. Heart & Body Naturals is honored to be the only company to offer Alexandria Brighton's original Healing Trilogy.

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