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The latest coffee trend in Hong Kong - Drip Bags from specialty roasters by BeanCurious

A prepared drip bag coffee from BeanCurious

Prepared drip bag coffee

Drip bag coffee preparation

Drip bag coffee preparation

Traffic showing hockey stick growth for drip bag products. Source: ahrefs data for one of the largest online coffee retailers in HK

Traffic showing hockey stick growth for drip bag products. Source: ahrefs data for one of the largest online coffee retailers in HK

According to ahrefs data, searches for specialty coffee and drip bag searches have doubled since September 2022.

Drip bags utilize well known technology to keep the ground coffee beans inside fresh. I use drip bags in my own courses when proper equipment is not available.”
— Anthony Kwong, SCA Trainer and CQI QE Lecturer
HONG KONG, KOWLOON, HONG KONG SAR, February 4, 2023 / -- Hong Kong’s coffee scene has experienced tremendous growth and with the loosening of pandemic restrictions, enjoyment of premium coffee is on the rise. As consumers enjoy higher quality coffee at cafes, the demand for easy to prepare coffee on the go is raising as well.

Looking at google trends and ahrefs data, online traffic for consumers visiting coffee sites that offer premium drip bag coffees has almost doubled for the period of September 2022 to January 2023 and based on the curve, will continue to move upward in 2023.

If you are not familiar with this style of coffee, drip bags are coffee’s answer to the tea bag. Anthony Kwong, SCA Trainer and CQI QE Lecturer said, "although coffee professionals all agree that freshly roasted and ground coffee beans are far more complex, drip bags utilize a simple but effective technology to keep the coffee ground inside fresh. I will also use drip bags in my own courses when a proper setup is not feasible, especially when I am delivering courses overseas".

Drip bag coffee is made by a one-stop production that includes roasting, grinding and packaging at an industrial roastery. After waiting to degas and cool, the roasted beans are ground and packed into air-tight sachets. An injection with an inert gas like Nitrogen is added to prevent oxidation. Preserved in this way, drip coffee packets can be kept for up to a year with little deterioration of flavor.

Drip bags are convenient in they can be prepared with minimal equipment: a pot of hot water and a cup is all you need. The innovative paper handles grip any cup or mug making it a great way to prepare a hand pour coffee while travelling, camping or at the office - no grinder or machine required. For more details on how to make it, there are several online guides for how to prepare drip bag coffee offered by roasters.

The main target market for drip bag coffee are consumers who dislike instant coffee and/or don’t have the space or funds to purchase a coffee pods machine. There are over 50 suppliers across the city of Hong Kong offering drip bags. These single serve coffees contain daily drivers like house blends, premium coffees and single origin specialty coffees that range from a very affordable $10 to a cafe priced $35 HKD per sachet.

For more information about drip bag coffee, please contact us at

About BeanCurious Coffee
Established in Hong Kong, 2008, BeanCurious Coffee imports specialty coffee from farms around the world. All of our beans are freshly roasted in Wong Chuk Hang.


根據Google Trends和 ahrefs 的數據,在 2022 年 9 月至 2023 年 1 月期間,那些提供優質掛耳包咖啡的咖啡網站的在線流量幾乎翻了一倍,並且根據該曲線的走向,可預期在 2023 年內數字將持續上升。

如果您對掛耳包咖啡不太熟悉,掛耳包是茶包版本的咖啡。 SCA 培訓師兼 CQI QE 講師 Anthony Kwong 說:“雖然咖啡專家們都會同意新鮮烘焙和研磨的咖啡豆風味會更豐富且複雜得多,但掛耳包用上了簡單但有效的技術來最大程度保持內裡咖啡粉的新鮮。當遇上場地設備不足時,尤其在海外,我亦會在我的課程上使用到掛耳包”。


掛耳包咖啡非常方便,只需最少的設備即可製備:一壺熱水和一個杯子即可。創新的紙質手柄可抓住任何類型的杯子,是旅行、露營或於辦公室時準備手沖咖啡的好方法 - 無需任何磨豆工具。更多有關如何製作的詳細信息,網上有好幾個由烘焙師建議的在線沖煮指南可供參考

掛耳包咖啡的主要目標市場是不喜歡速溶咖啡和/或沒有空間或資金購買咖啡機的消費者。全香港有超過 50 家供應商提供掛耳包咖啡。掛耳包的種類繁多,包括拼配咖啡、優質咖啡和單一產地的精品咖啡,價格從非常實惠的 10 港元到咖啡店供應的每片 35 港元不等。

如需更多關於掛耳包咖啡的資訊,歡迎電郵至 聯繫我們。

關於 BeanCurious 咖啡
BeanCurious 於2008年在香港成立,從世界各產地進口精品咖啡。我們所有的咖啡都是在黃竹坑新鮮烘焙的。

Sean Okihiro
BeanCurious Coffee Co
+852 7075 9107
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