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BeanCurious launches a coffee themed advent calendar, “The 6 Beans of Christmas”

BeanCurious, 6 Beans of Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar Box

The 6 Beans of Christmas

The coffees featured in the 6 Beans of Christmas box

The coffees featured in the 6 Beans of Christmas box

The BeanCurious packaging nestled among the leaves.

BeanCurious Packaging on Greenery

Featuring the top coffees from the BeanCurious roastery, countdown to Christmas with some of the most distinct whole bean coffees in Hong Kong.

HONG KONG, HONG KONG SAR, November 18, 2022 / -- BeanCurious is excited to launch their first Christmas gift box - advent calendar style. The 6 Beans of Christmas contains six award winning, highly rated coffees that are both curiously unique and delicious. While counting down to Christmas, you’ll get to taste coffee from the premium BeanCurious Curious Collection including: Rwanda, Ethiopia, Honduras, Guji, El Salvador and one rare micro-lot coffee from Nicaragua only offered in this set. Freshly roasted in Hong Kong and shipped out as whole bean coffee, the flavor and freshness is guaranteed.

Start each morning with a surprise by opening the hidden contents of each packet. Brew your coffee, mark down your tasting notes and use the card inside to identify the coffee you just enjoyed. Each pack contains 60g of arabica beans, enough for three espresso shots or cups of pour-over coffee.

Be prepared for tastes very different from your normal brew, these beans contain flavors of tamarind and dark chocolate, strawberries and earl grey, stewed apple and hazelnuts as well as lemons, chocolate, spices and everything nice. Start a new annual tradition with the finest, small-lot coffees available.

BeanCurious is starting to take pre-orders on the 18th of November, with shipments starting the first week of December. The 6 Beans of Christmas will continue to ship until a last call on December 19th. There is a limited quantity of 100 gift boxes to be sold with a price of $460 HKD each.

About BeanCurious
BeanCurious is a Hong Kong based coffee roastery that has been producing freshly roasted, whole-bean coffees with unique characters for over a decade. The online-only service allows customers to customize their orders by adjusting the roast levels and quantities of every bean in the store. For more information, visit

香港,2022 年 11 月 18 日 – BeanCurious 很高興於今年聖誕前能為您推出他們的第一個聖誕禮盒——聖誕節倒數日曆款式禮盒。每個禮盒包含六種屢獲殊榮、評價很高的咖啡,它們既奇特又美味。在聖誕節倒數期間,您將品嚐到優質 BeanCurious Curious Collection 中的咖啡,包括:盧旺達、埃塞俄比亞、洪都拉斯、埃塞俄比亞吉瑪、薩爾瓦多和一種罕見的尼加拉瓜微批次咖啡,這微批次咖啡僅在該禮盒裝中提供。於香港新鮮烘焙,原豆咖啡出貨,保證風味和新鮮度。

打開每個禮包的隱藏內容,以驚喜開始每個早晨。沖泡您的咖啡,記下您的品嚐筆記,然後使用裡面的卡片識別您剛喝過的咖啡。每包包含 50 克阿拉比卡原豆咖啡豆,足夠製作兩至三杯意式濃縮咖啡或手沖咖啡。


BeanCurious 現在開始接受預訂,12 月的第一周開始發貨。 聖誕禮盒將繼續發貨直至 12 月 19 日截單為止。限量發售 100 個禮盒,每盒售價為港幣460元正。

BeanCurious 是一家總部位於香港的咖啡烘焙公司,十多年來一直生產具有獨特特性的新鮮烘焙原豆咖啡。僅在線服務,客戶可通過調整商店中每種咖啡豆的烘焙水平和數量來定制他們的訂單。如需更多信息,請訪問。

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