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Care Daily opens its home health cloud services free for approved device manufacturers

Care Daily Logo Landscape

Care Daily Logo Landscape

Care Daily Logo

Medical and non-medical device manufacturers can leverage HIPAA-compliant AI and IoT cloud services to power their products with no recurring costs

We’re making ‘Internet of Things’ cloud hosting free because there’s larger value to create when we work together.”
— David Moss, CEO and Co-Founder of Care Daily
KIRKLAND, WA, USA, January 26, 2023 / -- Care Daily, the only white-label home health AI SaaS that deeply personalizes AgeTech and HealthTech services for branded partners, announced it has opened the use of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted HIPAA-compliant Internet of Things (IoT) cloud services to both medical and non-medical device manufacturers in a select access program. The announcement comes in conjunction with the Medical Device and Expanded Consumer Health Services session at Parks Associates Connected Health Summit.

Manufacturers can apply online at Those who are approved are enrolled into Care Daily’s select access program which enables them to gain opportunities for introduction into Care Daily’s healthcare and service provider distribution channels to help grow their business. This program also enables them to accelerate their technology and business at no cost, with the following benefits:
• Ability to capture up to 10 million data points per month from deployed devices
• Unlimited users
• Unlimited device instances
• Unlimited locations
• Unlimited push notifications
• Access to hundreds of APIs to deliver user experiences
• Access to open source API layers for iOS, Android, and Web development

Care Daily can further assist device manufacturers with access to optional supporting services as needed, including:
• Creating AI Bots that add new intelligent services to devices
• Creating subscription-activated Synthetic APIs to realize custom experiences
• Access to a 24/7 professional monitoring call center for emergency services
• Combining with other manufacturers for a well-rounded market offering
• Conversing with users via SMS messaging to deliver reminders, questions, and alerts
• Integration with other cloud services and EHR platforms

“Many companies are creating great products and sensors that will change healthcare and aging, but architecting a massively scalable and HIPAA-compliant cloud solution to connect and scale these products requires money, time, and deep expertise,” said David Moss, CEO of Care Daily. “We’re making ‘Internet of Things’ cloud hosting free because there’s larger value to create when we work together. Today, Care Daily is giving back to the AgeTech and HealthTech communities by opening our home health cloud services for use by approved device manufacturers with no recurring costs. We hope this contribution will accelerate the creation and deployment of great products that will help families and professionals access solutions they desperately need, faster.”

Approved manufacturers who integrate with Care Daily will first achieve a “Care Daily Certified” status by demonstrating connectivity, compatibility, and characterization of their Internet-connected devices with the cloud service. Those who are pulled into service provider channels will go through a more rigorous “Care Daily Curated” program to ensure a fully integrated user experience, out-of-box experience, AI bot integration, scalable supply chain, and customer support framework around their products.

Parks Associates research shows that 54% of US Internet Households used at least one connected health or wellness device. “The connected health space has grown dramatically, but consumers, providers, and health systems are frustrated with standalone implementations” said Jennifer Kent, VP Research, Parks Associates. “Manufacturers need accessible tools that can integrate into the wider connected health ecosystem and intelligently surface the most meaningful data to clinicians, patients, and family caregivers.”

To apply for this select access program, please visit

About Care Daily
Care Daily is the only white-label home health AI and IoT SaaS that deeply personalizes AgeTech services for branded partners. Backed with funding from the National Institute on Aging, Care Daily’s award-winning AI Caregiver software intelligence is the first to be scientifically validated to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality in caregivers of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Care Daily’s AI Caregiver is uniquely configurable by partners for maximum differentiation against other brands and solutions providers. The intelligence detects falls in real-time, uncovers hidden health problems, and brings families and professional caregivers together to provide care for seniors. Care Daily’s white-labeled AI and IoT powered Caregiver solutions are utilized by branded distribution channels to quickly deploy and continually enhance personalized healthcare and wellness services for seniors in homes and communities. To learn more, please visit or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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