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Life-like. Human-focused. White Label-ready for Brands. Cavrnus 2023.1.0 Powers Truly Unique Metaverse Visions at Scale

New release supercharges interaction and opens up opportunities for customized experiences, new modes of storytelling and building community.

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2023 / -- Cavrnus, Inc. latest release, Cavrnus 2023.1.0, delivers the most comprehensive platform toolkit for building and publishing completely custom and open metaverse experiences.

Cavrnus 2023.1.0 introduces the world’s first scalable white label metaverse solution that puts the power of unlimited, custom immersive creation and delivery at the disposal of enterprises, brands and creators everywhere.

“The ability to white label every part of Cavrnus delivers on a platform promise and responds directly to customer feedback,” according to Anthony Duca, CEO and Co-founder. Anthony adds, “Each customers’ destination in the metaverse now reflects their vision and values at every touchpoint in the digital and physical experience journey.”

The whole of the customer and end-user platform features can be custom branded with a logo and brand colors in the native apps, in the web portals, even in the system emails. The white label solution works cross-platform on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Meta Quest, HTC VIVE Focus, Pico Neo, Magic Leap and more to come. A simple online manifest enables a customer to add their branded elements and publish their custom build to their Cavrnus domain.

Interactive, multi-person training or collaborative design reviews in a company’s own white labeled software helps create unity and cohesion in a hybrid work world. Brands and their agencies can create immersive experiences across multiple end-points that directly connect to their audiences without the appearance of a third-party. The new storytellers can truly start from a blank canvas as they create and share their exact vision employing the Cavrnus platform.

Cavrnus 2023.1.0 now integrates materials into the properties system via the Cavrnus Creation Toolkit, enabling animated textures, streaming to textures and post-processing effects to materials. For creators, this means more ways to connect and convey meaning in every interaction.

Nick Gebbie, CTO and Co-founder, comments, “We are excited to deliver the new materials properties system into the Cavrnus Creation Toolkit. This is yet another big foundational element for what creators will need to create true-to-life interaction and immersion.”

Additionally, lighting achieves new levels of realism across a metaverse of open device end-points. Post-processing properties such as bloom and depth of field bring a human sense to the virtual environment. New customizable properties also include tone map according to the aces profile standard, white balance, split toning and spatial audio for environments and objects.

2023.1.0 includes new interactive scripts and script examples to quickly and easily bring any metaverse to life. Developers and creators will find scripts for spawn point, camera position and flythrough to change the user’s view and position, environment switching, object visibility, change hdr, change post-processing effects, switch spaces, change materials in a space and a configurator script.

One of the stand-out scripts in this release is the ability to add a link to an object in the virtual space and have it open a web page in the user’s web browser. This is an important feature to enable an open metaverse. And this ability to add a Call-to-Action to any space opens up a world of commerce and connectivity for enterprises, brands and creators on the path to the experience Internet.

As always, Cavrnus allows developers to write one script to work across a single metaverse experience on the desktop, laptop and tablet, and in VR, MR and AR.

With 2023.1.0, Cavrnus completely updates the application look and feel with a new designer-focused user interface and more intuitive ways to get to key settings, making for an easier-to-use platform to create and share metaverse experiences.

And a complete overhaul and upgrade of the Cavrnus Unity Package allows developers and creators to quickly and easily set up 3D content in Unity, then convert 3D files to .holo at the press of a button. A large library of commonly defined properties helps to create an easy, repeatable workflow from source to Unity to Cavrnus to save time and effort.

Cavrnus 2023.1.0 opens up a new era of quickly and easily delivering custom, branded metaverse experiences at scale. For more information on how to customize Cavrnus for your brand, contact

Cavrnus, the ultimate metaverse builder platform, empowers every enterprise, brand and creator to easily design, build and share their vision of a destination metaverse on the experience Internet with anyone, anywhere, on any device at scale. A transformative feature-set, backend journaling system, interactive scripting and SDK/API integrations make creating and publishing experiences easy and intuitive. Cavrnus is built to ingest over 40+ 2D and 3D file types and supports both Unity and Unreal Engine development pipelines. Cavrnus makes it easy for people to connect through shared multi-person experiences on any device or platform and combines the physical and digital into a unified lived reality. For more information, visit

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