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Host Kelley Bonner Launches Season 2 of Black Girl BurnOut Podcast

Giving Black women healing tools that help them opt out of the pain of burnout

WASHINGTON D.C., DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2023 / -- Kelley Bonner, LCSW, Expert Company Culture Strategist, and Founder of Burn Bright, will launch a second season of her award-winning podcast, Black Girl BurnOut. Bonner’s podcast is part of a larger movement to help Black women heal from burnout and utilize tools to help them opt out of what’s holding them back from living a life filled with joy. This mission will continue into season two, which is set to launch January 23, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. EST across all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher. Season two will cover how to prevent burnout as well as love and relationships, work-life balance, racial trauma, family dynamics, boundary establishment and many other pertinent topics.

"I launched a podcast and got 100k downloads and 20k subscribers in less than 10 months. The Black Girl BurnOut Podcast was born out of conversations with the Black women I love and their struggles with burnout in all areas of their life (at home with family, in their career, against racism and sexism, unfulfilling friendships, and disappointing romantic partnerships). The podcast was created to address this and provide an alternative to struggle. A Black woman can instead opt out of situations, people, and events that cause her pain and distract her from her potential,” Bonner said. The podcast provides a safe space to heal from burnout, to let go of historical and cultural myths that perpetuate struggle and instead, opt-into our cultural legacy of joy, abundance, and community,” said Bonner.

Black Girl BurnOut is in the top 1% of all podcasts with a global reach. The top 5 countries include USA, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, and at its peak, downloads are on average 15-19k a month. Therefore demonstrating that Black Girl Burnout has become more than a podcast, it's become a movement of women actively looking for ways to opt out of burnout and opt into healing.

In addition to her experience working with organizations to transform toxic workplaces into spaces of productivity and inclusion, host Kelley Bonner helps Black women leave behind the trauma that’s based on historical lies that keep these women believing they were meant to struggle. The podcast, airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, guides its audience through bite-sized and manageable practices that provide immediate relief from burnout in just 15 minutes.

Looking ahead to the future, Bonner plans to expand her consulting to help top companies market to diverse audiences (specifically Black women), as well as develop strategies to increase inclusion and innovation. As the podcast continues to flourish, Bonner will increase community engagement and create space for conversations around the unique lived experiences as Black women. To listen to the podcast, visit, or watch the trailer for season two on YouTube..

Note to the Editor:
Kelley Bonner, LCSW, Expert Company Culture Strategist, Award Winning Podcaster, and Founder of Burn Bright Consulting, transforms workplaces by reducing burnout and bias, resulting in increased innovation and inclusion. She has been called “revolutionary” by Anita Hill and “a benchmark in her field” by the Pentagon. Having served on the Gender Policy Committee for the White House as well as the International Women’s Economic Security Council, Kelley impacts culture and policy across the globe. She was also hand-picked by the Biden Administration to develop a national framework for workplace safety and harassment. Kelley has worked with several federal and international organizations to create safer environments and strategies for violence prevention, including the U.S. Military, Library of Congress, National Academy of Sciences, The United Nations, and NATO. As a licensed therapist with both a masters in social work and in criminal justice, Kelley built the number one behavioral modification program for the New York State men’s prisons to reduce violence through policy development and program evaluation.

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