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“HitMuziqSoul, Our Soulful Words, Come, Listen, Vol. 1” is getting praised for its soothing music

HitMuziq Productions is a music production and songwriting company based in Texas.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 / -- HitMuziq Productions is a music production and songwriting company based in Texas. It is known for its soft music that touches the hearts of listeners. The company has been providing top-notch urban music for artists worldwide for the last several years. Recently, HitMuziq Productions released its latest music album, HitMuziqSoul, Our Soulful Words, Come, Listen, Vol. 1.

The notable feature of HitMuziqSoul, OSW, CL, Vol. 1, is that it has dissolved cross-cultural boundaries by getting nine different artists from different parts of the world like Ukraine, Mozambique, Nigeria, North America, the Netherlands, Venezuela, the Philippines, and England. HitMuziq Productions has turned out to be an excellent example of being comfortable with moving beyond the limits of their culture. The development of HitMuziq Productions is a story of an independent producer and independent artists worldwide on the rise. With the release of HitMuziqSoul, OSW, CL, Vol. 1, the number of artists has increased from four to nine.

Ronald Hunter, the founder of HitMuziq Productions, grew up in Portsmouth, Va, and Oakland, Ca, listening to music from the early 70's that his grandmother used to play on the radio, an aspect witnessed in the HitMuziqSoul, OSW, CL, Vol. 1 as well. Oaktown had been the source of inspiration for where he met some great and inspiring people that helped him propagate in pursuing his dream. A significant change in the direction was made when he decided to change the independent label name to match the feeling, not with this album. "Love Frequency Records" was an easy realization because this is what he put in the sounds and beats.

Ronald always dreamed high for the sky, and developing this production house was one of the most aspired dreams of his life. Ronald terms music "a universal language, derived from the energy you feel." he further adds that "the true form of all of us is our creation." "Our creations, whether it be music, painting, motion pictures, or writing books, expresses what we feel inside." He further claims that music has taught him many lessons, like "how to slow down and enjoy life." He learned to be teachable in this evolutionary period but also realized how an artist can be versatile with different rhythms.

Speaking to the media, Ronald shares his thoughts on how he perceives music “To me music is like therapy; you get a consistent vibe or groove; not like TV programs or talking to people; so you find a frequency; and listen to feel good.”

HitMuziq Productions plan to hit the number charts and create great music numbers while collaborating with great people with talent all over the globe.

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About the Company:
HitMuziq Productions is a music production and songwriting company based in Texas. Ronald Hunter owns the company, bringing talent from all over the planet to create great numbers.

Ronald Hunter
HitMuziq Productions