Rahab’s Daughters Launches its first Canadian Chapter

Modern Day Slavery can be stopped

Rescue , Rehabilitate and Reintegrate survivors of Human Trafficking

Modern Day Slavery can be stopped

Rescue , Rehabilitate and Reintegrate survivors of Human Trafficking

Rahab's Daughters Big Game Mission Trip Team 2021

Survivor Led high-tech anti-human trafficking org launches in Niagara-on-the-lake to serve the GTA, and southern Ontario needs your help to make it happen.

Using our technology, OSINT, data science, and AML we serve Ontario providing services to victims of Human Trafficking. Specializing in women with children or pets we fill a critical gap.”
— Sharmila (Sam) WIjeyakumar, Co-Founder Rahab's Daughters

NIAGARA ON THE LAKE, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Rahab's Daughters is taking its fight against human trafficking north to Canada. This is a big step for Rahab's Daughters on its mission to help communities and stop human trafficking with modern technology, from stopping demand to preventing it, rescuing victims, and helping them get back on their feet. Rahab’s Daughters will be able to assist in cross-border operations and provide survivors in Canada access to services across southern Ontario.

Sharmila Wijeyakumar, the co-founder of Rahab's Daughters, says, "We are looking forward to working in Ontario to find and stop human trafficking, as well as to help survivors with food, housing, and other wrap-around services."

“The Canadian team is excited to make an impact in such early days as the headquarters and support call center operation for the Super Bowl will be managed in the GTA and I am looking forward to serving alongside local volunteers of whom we need over 100 more,” says Kendra Fluegeman, Board Chair at Rahab’s Daughters & Chief Growth Officer at iSales Dynamics.

Rahab's Daughters plans its first Canadian initiatives in Ontario:

Veriday's office in Mississauga will be the site of an operations center to stop trafficking during the Super Bowl. This 10-day project will help the teams on the ground by setting up a call center that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Callers can give tips and survivors can call for immediate help. The call center will continue to operate after the Super Bowl, 24/7/365, because trafficking happens year-round.

"Veriday is proud to have helped build the software and apps that help find and help survivors of human trafficking. "We also continue to serve our local community by giving Rahab's Daughters a place to work as they start their work in Canada," says Marc Lamoureux, Veriday's CEO.

We are in need of volunteers from Feb 3rd - 13th. To learn more about how you can serve in the operations center, fill out the volunteer form on our website, www.rahabsdaughters.ca.

About Rahab’s Daughters: As a survivor-led organization, Rahab’s Daughters recognizes that human trafficking is the 2nd fastest-growing crime in the world, which is why we consider all routes when it comes to combating it. Not only do we fight against it through face-to-face efforts, but we also work to combat it online by using technology to our advantage. We use and create software and a variety of different online platforms to help us stand against this horrific and heartbreaking industry. It truly takes a village to put an end to this dark, dangerous, and ruthless industry. We hope you’ll join us in the fight against human trafficking.

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