DINNERWARE MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally - meet the trends

DINNERWARE MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally - meet the trends

DINNERWARE MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally - meet the Brands

DINNERWARE MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally - meet the Brands

DINNERWARE MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally - meet the new collections

DINNERWARE MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally - meet the new collections

Portugal is the world's second largest exporter of decorative ceramics and dinnerware. The US is one of the top-selling markets and export destinations.

The Portuguese collections are recognized worldwide for their bold design and ocean-inspired centerpieces, with exclusive finishes and surprising details. The US is one of the top-selling markets”
NEW YORK, USA, January 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Nothing spreads joy and togetherness like gathering over food. Beautiful tableware is key to creating ambiance and conveying a sense of personal style when hosting at home. This year, tableware trends are all about expression through color, organic shapes and loose layering. The Portuguese collections are recognized worldwide for their bold design, nature motifs and ocean-inspired centerpieces, with exclusive finishes and surprising details. Find out the very best collections with bright contrasting hues and playful energy for stunning table settings MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally.

Inserted in the MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally international campaign, it's now time to meet the new home ceramic dinnerware and tableware collections and products that the top Portuguese brands have to offer for everyday use, formal gatherings, or even the best restaurant experience.

Ceramic tableware captures the feel of the times perfectly with its patterns inspired by nature. Sustainability and transparency play a crucial role from the very beginning of the product cycle in the Portuguese industry. Dinnerware made from natural materials such as bamboo, sisal or cork, are among the unabated trends in the interior design industry. Whether the end product is handmade pottery or hand-painted ceramics, many tableware retailers and wholesalers work with family businesses in Portugal, ensuring quality, traditional handwork, ethics and fair working conditions.

More than a broad and distinct product offer, the Portuguese dinnerware and tableware ceramic products reveal the secular pleasure of gathering around the table in an everyday celebration of life, family, and intimate sharing of memories, stories, and ideas in full togetherness.

The desire for individuality, refuge, and sustainability continues to dominate interior and design trends. Color and art are at the heart of the recent Portuguese Brands dinnerware collections and products. Unique designs and stenciling call back to classical printed murals and stamping traditions.

Vista Alegre, Costa Verde, Porcel, Arfai, Costa Nova, Bordallo Pinheiro, or Maria Terra Cota are just some of the top brands showcasing new collections and solutions, where minimalism meets tradition in perfect balance.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special occasions come around each year bringing festive family gatherings, fun holiday parties, and endless feasts along with it. From porcelain to stoneware, discover the best Portuguese dinnerware collections that will make your holiday or special occasion meals extra festive. Tradition, innovation, unique design, and art come together to turn mealtime into a feast for the eyes, and a statement about your aesthetic convictions.

Find out the unique designs and bold approaches of the selected dinnerware collections and brands at https://portugalglobal-northamerica.com/dinnerware/, the American market-specific platform by AICEP that showcases what Portugal does best.


Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency is a government entity focused on attracting productive investment, increasing exports, and internationalizing Portuguese businesses to boost its economy. AICEP is a "one-stop-shop" agency and the ideal partner for those looking to invest in Portugal or establish new strategic partnerships to expand their business.

With offices in Portugal and abroad, AICEP supports international companies investing in Portugal through project analysis, site selection, and human resources support.

With a global network present in over 50 markets, AICEP oversees Portuguese companies' internationalization and exports, supporting them throughout these processes by connecting companies with critical stakeholders and providing valuable information.

Learn more at https://portugalglobal-northamerica.com.


Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is a welcoming and multicultural country with an open economy, where culture and tradition coexist with design, innovation, technology, and R&D.

At the crossroads between the European, African and American continents, its strategic location and status as a European Union and Eurozone member state make Portugal the ideal partner for your business.

Top international rankings* consider Portugal to be the third safest country globally and the seventh most politically and socially stable. It is also one of the countries that invest the most in renewable energy sources and policies to combat climate change.

Portugal's excellent infrastructures, telecommunications, talent, and overall quality of life attract visitors and companies from all over the world.

Distinguished by their quality, authenticity, and exclusivity, Portuguese goods are highly sought after by well-renowned international customers. Portugal is an innovative, sophisticated, and forward-looking country with almost nine centuries of history where sustainability is a priority and an industry strategic goal.

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