STARRS Unveils Enhanced Website to Support Mission

The website is content-rich in terms of communicating the organization’s educational mission

More and more citizens prefer to connect via technology, and websites remain a ‘go-to’ tool for news and information.”
— STARRS President, Dr. (AF Colonel, retired) Ron Scott
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2022 / -- This week, Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc. (STARRS) launched a new website. “The website is content-rich in terms of communicating the organization’s educational mission,” said STARRS President, Dr. (AF Colonel, retired) Ron Scott.

“In today’s instant information world, websites are vital,” Scott said. “More and more citizens prefer to connect via technology, and Websites remain a ‘go to’ tool for news and information.”

Before STARRS made the new site public, there was a lot of planning, time, attention, effort, and skill by some very talented people, Scott said. “We appreciate those who made the updated site possible.”

Within the new site, which has been optimized for mobile viewers, visitors learn about the organization’s leadership, exercising their duty to preserve the principles of our Founding documents.

"There is also the ability to donate; to join the fight to help us restore unity to our military. As a nonprofit we can always use the support and appreciate all who take advantage of the site to do so," Scott said

The site features a short 3-minute introductory video (STARRS Introduction 2022 - YouTube).

Other features include:
• Enhanced security features
• Clear navigation
• Good site structure
• Online search capability
• Website analytics
• Quick loading
• Social media plug-ins
• Contact Us function
• Volunteer Opportunities

The home page menu has been set up to find articles, media appearances, and ‘The Intellectuals’ podcasts. Visitors can discover key categories like About, Articles, Issues, Academies, Press Releases, and more.

The feedback from viewers has been positive. Comments include:

“Terrific upgrade to STARRS's megaphone to get its persuasive story and message out.” -- John
“Stellar. Exactly what was needed!” -- Jim
“One Giant Leap.....” -- Rod
“Benchmark” website achievement. Well done!” – Mike
“It’s fantastic and so easy to navigate! ” -- Rebecca
“Wow! That is outstanding. Congratulations on the new website.” --Tony
"Congratulations on the splendid new STARRS website! It is contemporary, easy to read, and full of solid information. The website is beautiful and informative and exhibits much of what STARRS has accomplished thus far. Thank you, Matt, Cindy, and ALL who have contributed to STARRS. In respectful awe.” -- Martha
“The fruit of perseverance, moral courage, and a great deal of hard work!” -- Katherine

Established in Spring 2021, STARRS is a 501(c)3 approved organization. The nonprofit operates primarily to provide educational information, assistance, and materials related to racism and radicalism in the military. The public can learn more about STARRS, its mission, and how they can assist, volunteer and donate at


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STARRS Introduction 2022